As we celebrate our 90th Anniversary this year, we’ve been reflecting back on the school’s history, and it’s easy to see that we’ve evolved from our beginnings as an all girls’ school in 1926. But it’s also abundantly clear that our founders’ emphasis on challenging the status quo, commitment to small classes, inspiring teachers and highly individualized instruction are values we hold dear today.

We’ve graduated generations of alumni empowered to forge their own path. And our students learn to respect and consider the viewpoints of others as they work through complex problems today just as they have for 90 years. That desire for different thoughts and opinions has steadily grown the diversity of our campus over the decades, giving our students the ability to form meaningful relationships across stereotypical, socio-economic and global divides.

While we are proud of the history that we’ve built together, we challenge ourselves to be better tomorrow than we are today, and are constantly looking for ways to further serve our students and community. Lausanne will continue to adjust to fully prepare our graduates for college and for life in a global environment, but our consistent core values will continue to guide us into the future just as they have for the past 90 years.

Our school has an incredible history. It’s long been a place that helps students find their passion in an environment of not only of tolerance and empathy but of true community support. At Lausanne, the artist, the academic and the athlete can each be celebrated for their interests, but not be typecast into a role because of them.

Stuart McCathie

Board of Trustees: Lausanne Collegiate School

The mission of the Lausanne Collegiate School Board of Trustees is to take viability focused action on behalf of our children’s children.

The board’s primary functions are to set general policies, finance the school and plan for its future. All implementation, overseeing of day-to-day operations, personnel matters and relationships with constituents are the responsibility of the head and the school’s administrative team. The board relies upon the administration to hear and adjudicate any grievances according to the policies found in the staff, parent and student handbook. Trustees are mindful of the respective leadership roles of the Board and Head of School: the Board’s focus is on strategic, viability-related issues and decisions in partnership with the Head of School whose primary focus is the implementation of the Board’s plans. The Board of Trustees does not serve as a court of appeals.

Executive Committee

  • Noma Anderson, President/Board Chair/Strategic Plan Chair/Head Support and Evaluation Committee Chair
  • Bill Giles, Vice President/Finance Committee Chair
  • Peter Heist, Vice President/Development Committee Chair
  • Raymond Ke, Vice President/Committee on Trustees Chair
  • Catherine Nicholls, Secretary
  • Stuart McCathie, Headmaster

Members at Large:

  • Leo Bearman
  • Chuck Belina
  • Fred Blackmon
  • Tony Frye
  • Tom Hamic
  • **Pinki Hof, Executive Director/Lausanne Parent Connections
  • Marty Kelman, Past President
  • Mike Lenz
  • **Naveen Manga
  • **Kathryn Morelli, alum 1977, Alumni Board President
  • Monika Natarajan
  • Erin Ostrow, alum 1989
  • Elionne Walker, alum 1969
  • Andy Wohlfarth, alum 1996

Trustee Emeriti

  • Mary Campbell
  • Julie Klein
  • John McDonnell
  • Richard Robinson
  • David Wadlington
  • Ed Jappe-deceased
**Indicates new trustee (revised 6/20/16)

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