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For over 90 years, Lausanne Collegiate School has been tailoring education to individuals' learning styles, skills and interests while widening students' perspectives to prepare them for college and for life in a global environment.

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By The Numbers

We Create a Joyful and Challenging Learning Process

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Student/Teacher Ratio


Vertically Aligned Curriculum


International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Enrollment

We Empower Individuals to Seek Their Own Journeys

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College Acceptance Rate


Number of Different Colleges and Universities that Accepted Our Students


Number of Colleges and Universities the 83 Members of the Class of 2018 are Attending

We Forge Meaningful Relationships

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Average Class Size


Lakeside Acres



We Build Character through Service to Others

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Of Students Come from Countries Outside of the USA


Different Countries are Represented by Our Student Body


Students of Color

We Encourage Continual Self-Reflection

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Advisory Groups


Learning Specialists



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At Lausanne

We provide opportunities to succeed

After years of exploring different subjects and co-curricular activities, encouraged by peers and faculty alike, Lausanne students are sought out by colleges and universities across the country for their critical thinking, research and writing skills as well as their well-roundedness as academics, artists and athletes.

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Our Graduates are Following Their Dreams

Full Matriculation List

Christina Sigler hat
Lausanne offered me the opportunity to grow up and grow into myself, with a loving community to help me through the mistakes and cheer me on just as much when things went right.
- Christina Sigler, '20
Armand Amini hat
After studying at universities both domestically and abroad, I can still confidently say my teachers at Lausanne are some of the most caring and impactful instructors I have had in my life.
- Armand Amini, '16
Hannah Meskin hat
At Lausanne, my teachers not only taught me skills that helped inside the classroom but also life skills that have helped me succeed at the University of Michigan and beyond.
- Hannah Meskin, '17
Raghav Ranga hat
I think Lausanne helped me prepare for Georgetown by teaching me how to take risks.
- Raghav Ranga, '16
Eleanor Bates hat
Lausanne has amazing teachers who taught me that hard work is the best way to get to where you want to be in life.
- Eleanor Bates, '13
Tony Chen hat
The IB Programme at Lausanne prepared me so well academically, I definitely feel ready to take on the challenges ahead.
- Tony Chen, '16
Prashanth Raj hat
Lausanne gives its students the opportunity to become a holistic student rather than one that is completely one-dimensional.
- Prashanth Raj, '15
Ben Calkins hat
Lausanne's commitment to academic excellence makes me feel confident that I'm prepared to find success at Northwestern- or really anywhere.
- Ben Calkins, '16


Like What You See? Want To Be A Part Of The Lynx Family?

We look forward to helping you explore all that Lausanne has to offer. Following Lausanne's policies and procedures in response to COVID-19, we have created several opportunities for you and your family to get to know our community in a virtual setting.