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General Aftercare

AfterCare provides a safe and fun environment for Lausanne students from the time of school dismissal until 6:00 p.m. daily. Students have the opportunity for arts and crafts, sports and games, steam and technology plus homework time and snack time. Monthly rates cover after-school care every day of the month that school is in session. For the 2021-2022 school year, AfterCare policies have changed as follows:

Register Here For AfterCare    

Registration for Lausanne Athletics and 360 activities including arts, dance, tutoring, and more will open Tuesday, July 12. All Lausanne families will receive an email with a registration link.

1. Arriving in AfterCare: At school dismissal time, registered students for AfterCare will be escorted from their classroom at the end of the school day to their assigned AfterCare space.

2. COVID- 19: COVID-19 health protocols from the school day will be followed during AfterCare.

3. Drop-In AfterCare: Please email if you need to request your child to come to AfterCare for the day.

4. Pick-Up from AfterCare: Pick-up is between 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. at Shockey Carpool. Please call 901-484-3390 and our AfterCare staff will escort your child to the Shockey carpool.

5. Toys & Electronics: We ask that students follow the same rules for the school day regarding toys and electronics which means they are not allowed in AfterCare.

After Care Fees

Monthly Spring Fees

  • January 2022: $266
  • February 2022: $252
  • March 2022: $252
  • April 2022: $266
  • May 2022: $266

Late Pick-Up Fees

  • First late pick-up: fee waived up to 15 minutes
  • Second late pick-up: a fee of $5 per minute, per child
  • All late pick-ups thereafter: a fee of $5 per minute, per child

Contact Information:

The Lausanne 360°
AfterCare Desk Phone Number: 901-484-3390