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Middle School FAQ

Knowing that a Lausanne education is best experienced through in-person relationships, we're preparing for all students to return to on-campus classes the week of August 17, 2020. Safety measures are being developed that address the Covid-19 pandemic unless the campus is ordered closed by local, state or the federal government. 

Knowing the situation can change daily based on local, state and federal recommendations, guidelines and mandates, we're prepared to educate students on-campus and online this fall.

As part of the process to prepare for reopening, we held virtual parent conversations with parents from each division. We have divided the FAQs up into six sections. 

On-Campus Classes

  • As we all know temperature checks do not render confirmation that a student/ faculty member is or is not infected with the virus. With that being said will student and staff  be required to show a negative COVID 19 test before returning to school? If not why? 
    No, mandatory testing for all students will not be enacted. Testing each student doesn't seem to be a viable approach because of the possibility of exposure, mainly because of how quickly an exposure could happen and negate the result. If a student has symptoms, then they will follow the quarantine procedure. The asymptomatic spread is the major issue with COVID-19, and that's why we have procedures in place to minimize possible exposure. 
  • Even with masks, will kids still sit 6' apart? 
    Yes.  Absolutely. 
  • Are all electives being offered or did some go away? I thought we signed up for dance but don't see it anymore.
    Electives will be more constructed this year.  Classes, such as Band and Chorus, are recommended to be suspended at this time by CDC guidelines.  All students will participate in Trimester courses of Art, Drama, and Music.  Dance will be still be offered but it will function as one of the PE rotation groups.   
  • How is social/emotional learning included in the day with 1.5 hour blocks of learning throughout the day? 
    That will take place through daily focus program as it has in the past. There is also one block that can be used in different ways and SEL can be a part of that.  
  • What is the difference between gold and blue schedule? 
    Our schedule has transitioned to a Block Schedule.  We increased the times that academic classes meet during the day but moved to where each class will only meet every other day.  For example, if Math is scheduled for Block 1 Gold then the student would not have Math on Blue Day.  Block scheduling allows teachers to get through more material within one class period and provides time for more one on one instruction.
  • Will there be outside play time?
    Absolutely. There are scheduled breaks that allows the students to go outside. 
  • How will PE classes work? 
    They will go with their cohorts. 
  • Will children be able to participate in PE in regular school clothes (since they will not have access to the locker rooms)? 
    All students will participate in PE.  The dress code has been amended to allow students to wear athletic shorts and t-shirts on PE days, if they so choose.  The only time a student will not be allowed to participate in PE is if they are not wearing the proper footwear. 
  • Will there be a sibling room? What about staff children and how does that affect the bubbles/cohorts? 
    We’re working on details for staff children, and should have details on their process by August 3. While students with siblings in other divisions can arrive with their younger siblings, they must report to specific areas where they can be supervised. 
  • What is the plan for middle school students that ride to school with an upper school sibling since the start and end times are staggered?
    To help us ensure students across campus are socially distancing, students are required to arrive at their designated divisional time. Pickup and drop-off times can be found on our website at While students with siblings in other divisions can arrive with their younger siblings, they must report to specific areas where they can be supervised. 
  • I'm having a difficult time with the time frame. My work hours are 8 til 4:30. Will you be thinking offering zero hour anytime soon after school starts as well as aftercare? 
    Short answer: yes. We're looking into how to have aftercare and other after school activities safely, but currently, there isn't an option for students to stay on campus any later. We should have details on both August 3. 
  • Time changes are going to put a hardship on parents as they go back to work are any plans going to be made for these parents?  How long will the time change be in effect? 
    Our afterschool team is working with our task force to develop a plan for aftercare and other afterschool activities that is safe and doesn't undermine our efforts to limit possible exposure during the day. We hope to have a plan in place by August 3, and we will share the latest information then. 
  • What, if any, sports or extra-curricular activities are being offered?
    Our afterschool team is working with our task force to develop a plan for aftercare and other afterschool activities that is safe and doesn't undermine our efforts to limit possible exposure during the day. We will have more information to share on that progress August 3.
  • How will bathroom breaks be managed? 
    We are looking at a system to reduce the number of students that are taking bathroom breaks at the same time. We have a lanyard system that will be put in place to monitor that.
  • Is lunch being served? 
    More information on the lunch services / plans will be provided August 3. 
  • If returning on campus to minimize the spread of the virus I feel the meal plan should be optional. If my children return to campus I would prefer to have my children to bring their lunches/ snack from home. Will this option to remove Sodexo be available for parents? 
    You always have the option to bring your lunch from home. Your lunch fee funds our contract with Sodexo to provide lunch and pay our cafeteria staff. However, we are working with Sodexo on ways to give you a refund of the associated savings on food costs. We'll have more details in early August. 
  • Hi, how are you going to do with kids when they want to gather or try to be together after all those months?
    We will have teachers in the hallways and as staff we will be vigilant in making sure the students are obeying guidelines.  
  • Is the change in dress code with the shorts and LCS shirt for everyday-or just added for P.E. days? 
    The athletic shorts and LCS shirts are an option for students to wear, in addition to the already published dresscode. 
  • Are gaiters allowed for masks? 
    Yes they are, as long as they comply with CDC recommendations.
  • Will the online classes be does through Zoom, that is...will students be able to see the classroom?
    We will use Microsoft Teams, and yes the online students will be able to see the class. 
  • When students will be able to ask questions to the teachers if they don’t have zero hour? 
    Time will be built into the day for students to talk to teachers and get help. 
  • Are there plans to run an orientation day directed to the kids (both in person and online) to go throw the new rules and how they will should handle the changes applied? 
    Of course. This is new for them and we will make sure they understand. 
  • So the team time is basically the 1 1/2 hour 8th class and replaces zero hour? 
    Team time will be available for many options. Getting help from teachers is a part of that.  
  • Risk of transmission is significantly lower outdoors - will classes take place outside as much as is feasible? 
    Absolutely: teachers are encouraged to move class outside as much as possible. 
  • Will there be houses this year? 
  • Please explain the “paired cohorts” for foreign language rotation. 
    In order to meet the needs of forgein language, some cohorts must be paired.  For example: 7th grade Hoffman and Whitmore Cohorts are paired.  The 3 French studetns from Whitmore cohort will join the 5 French students from Hoffmans cohort and the 4 Spanish students from Hoffman's group will join the 6 Spanish students in Whitmore's group. 
  • For students that are approved for additional learning resources through the learning specialist, how or will there be a zero hour? 
    Students will be allowed to arrive to their cohorts at 8:00.  Those students who traditionally meet with their advisors at the beginning of the day to get organized, will still have the opportunity to do that.  Ms. Cooper will continue to meet with those students who require her assistance in a one on one setting through scheduling time throughout the day. 
  • How are you going to approach aftercare so that the kids cohorts stay to 15 students and that they won’t be exposed to additional students? 
    That information will be available by August 3. Discussion is still ongoing.  
  • How many students in a cohort? How is a cohort be chosen? Will my kid stay with the same cohort through the semester? 
    Yes they will. They will be together until restrictions are lifted. 
  • What is the typical and max # of students per pod, and I assume this number will reflect those learning from home plus those at school?
    Correct. Largest cohort is 14 and smallest is 10.  
  • Schedule fluidity, will children have an opportunity to make changes to their schedules?
    The cohorts were created to meet the needs of our students for Math placement and foreign language so request to move students cannot be accepted.  Students will not be with the same teacher throughout the day.  Teachers will be rotating from class to class

Optional Online Class & Distance Learning

  • Why is the school not having dedicated in school classes separate from dedicated distance learning classes?
    It will be very challenging to simultaneously teach in school and virtual students and engage and assess their learning equally.  
  • That is a challenge we have to deal with. We are giving our teachers the training they need and it can be done.   Were teachers given the same option as families: either to teach virtually or in person?  
    To maintain the consistency of teaching, all teachers will be required to teach in person. We have taken safety precautions to ensure they can stay safe throughout the day. Accommodations for teachers with medical conditions (or with medical conditions in their family) are being made on a case-by-case basis.  
  • If taking the online choice, can instructions to set the laptop Microsoft teams and other websites can be done by the parents, or this procedure will be done by the IT support of Lausanne? We will really want to be able to do all this at home instead of risking our family to increase socialization contact. 
    Hi.  Yes, the students / parents will be able to set up the laptops for Teams and other websites.  Through your child's advisor and teachers, you will get more detailed information closer to the start of school.  
  • Do you have an approximate number or % of kids who have already committed to do in person vs. home school? Trying to get an idea about how full the classes will be, as we are on the fence, but leaning toward at home school.  
    We plan on asking parents for their choice on Monday, and hope to share updates of those results with the community at least weekly in eNews so everyone can make an informed choice leading into the school year. We’d hoped to release the survey earlier, but wanted to make the form available throughout the school year and have been working through a technical glitch.  
  • How will PE classes work for online students?  
    PE classes will be much more flexible for those who are engaged in Online Learning. Physical activity will be required, and the student will reflect upon that within the program SeeSaw. The PE department has also engaged in summer PD to enhance its program.  


  • When was the survey done? 
    The last survey closed on July 11, shortly before we started having our parent meetings. The survey for your family’s choice for fall should open on Monday. 
  • Were the teachers surveyed too? Are they comfortable with the in person option? 
    Teachers have been part of our process from the beginning. They were included in the original survey and teachers were in our divisional planning groups. We’ve also taking in their input along the way and have discussed concerns with teachers as they’ve arisen. Overall, teachers are eager to return to the classroom setting. 
  • Will you be asking for feedback from the families and teachers throughout the school year? 
    Absolutely. The feedback forms will be available until restrictions are lifted.  


  • How will illnesses that are not COVID-19 be managed?  For example, if a child has a fever, they are sent home.  If they are fever free for 24 hours (like pre-COVID), the child could come back to school.  Tests are now taking about 10 days for results plus 2-3 days if you need documentation.  And no doctor can rule out COVID without a test.  SO, does a fever automatically mean the child must stay home for 10 days before returning to school? 
    No, but they will be required to provide documentation from a doctor outside of their nuclear family showing that their symptoms are caused by another type of virus (flu, strep, etc.). With the documentation, once they are fever-free for 24 hours, they may return to school. 
  • If anyone tests positive will communication be sent out to parents? 
    Families of classmates would be notified of the potential exposure and to monitor symptoms, but only asked to quarantine if it is determined that they have been in close contact with the individual. 
  • Will the class be informed of a positive case so that parents can determine their own comfort sending their child back to school or choose distance temporarily? 
    Yes, we will inform the parents of the rest of the cohort of the positive case so that you can monitor symptoms or get tested if you'd like. 
  • Will the families be notified if a teacher tests positive? 
    Yes, but we aren't able to identify the specific teacher.  Any student who had that teacher in class, their family will be notified. 
  • Have you had any COVID positive cases through summer camp attendees &/or the athletes already on campus? 
    None that we’ve been made aware of. Knowing asymptomatic spread is a major concern, we have been checking temperatures, everyone on campus is wearing masks and making sure social distancing is being maintained. 


  • Will a child need to quarantine if they travel prior to school beginning or during the school year? Are there levels of safety considered “ok”; i.e traveling by car staying in remote areas vs. flying in a commercial plane, staying at a resort? 
    We simply ask that family consider the recommendations of the CDC when traveling. The school will not require a specific quarantine period.  
  • The CDC recently updated (around 7/17) guidance on the duration of isolation and precautions. Will Lausanne adopt the CDC's changes or will the guidelines in the plan remain in place for the duration of the school year? 
    Yes: we continue to look at the CDC’s recommendations and will adapt our procedures to follow them throughout the school year. 
  • If a teacher get sick, can the parents receive a complete study plan to fill the educational gap in case there is no substitute teacher available? 
    That can be something we look into, but we believe that we do have enough people to work as substitutes, but will monitor it closely. 
  • We are new to the school this year.  Where do we purchase Lausanne t-shirts? 
    You can have them shipped directly to you from our website at . 
  • If after the survey, you find that there are some classes that are full of in person students, and other classes with mostly virtual, will you consider rearranging classes so there are fewer in person students to reduce exposure? Or consider dedicated virtual classes and dedicated in person classes? Or are the classes set regardless of response? 
    Classes will be re-evaluated when we find out what students will be on campus.  
  • What’s the web address for the online store?