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Upper School FAQ

Knowing that a Lausanne education is best experienced through in-person relationships, we're preparing for all students to return to on-campus classes the week of August 17, 2020. Safety measures are being developed that address the Covid-19 pandemic unless the campus is ordered closed by local, state or the federal government. 

Knowing the situation can change daily based on local, state and federal recommendations, guidelines and mandates, we're prepared to educate students on-campus and online this fall.

As part of the process to prepare for reopening, we held virtual parent conversations with parents from each division. We have divided the FAQs up into six sections. 

On-Campus Classes

  • Will there be any changes to the school calendar?
  • What are the options for drop-off and pickup? Can Upper School be dropped off with their siblings?
    To help us ensure students across campus are socially distancing, students are required to arrive at their designated divisional time. Pickup and drop-off times can be found on our website at While students with siblings in other divisions can arrive with their younger siblings, they must report to specific areas where they can be supervised. 
  • Will there be a new student orientation?
    Rising 9th Grade and New Student Orientation will help students and their families learn all they need to know for the new year. Families will sign up for a time to come in and meet with their child's advisor and tour campus. They will also have an online training on August 13 at 4:30 p.m. with the technology department to help with email, Veracross login, and any other questions.  Details on this training will be sent to those families through the tech department next week. We will send out a sign up for times to attend on Friday, August 14, in our second summer mailer on August 3. There will be appointments in both morning and afternoon. This orientation will take approximately 45 minutes.
  • Will the dress code be the same?
    We'll be going to Friday dress code throughout the week.
  • Will the IB guidelines change for Seniors who have to test this year?
    At this point, we don't know. The IB hasn't released guidelines, but we assume they will. As soon as they do, we'll share the new information
  • Will there be zero hour time set aside for tutoring and extra help from the teacher?
    There is a flex period in the schedule that can be used for tutoring and extra help. Some classes will operate in that period, but the second half will be available for teachers to help. If students don't have a class, we will actively encourage them to leave campus.
  • How do you plan to engage the Upper School students for three straight hours? Will they be moving in the classroom?
    This summer, all Upper School teachers are taking part in continuing education classes on how to best teach in a longer time format. Teachers will have staggered breaks and take them outside as available and appropriate.
  • What average number of students will a child be interacting with on a weekly basis?
    Depending on what division and grade a student is in, this number could vary significantly. In Lower and Middle School, we're estimating less than 20 per week. In Upper School, we're estimating less than 70 a week, but closer to 30 per day. Across divisions, we're maintaining social distancing and mandating face masks, which should keep most students from having close contact with each other. They're also sitting daily in the same seats to limit possible exposure and aid in contact tracing if needed.
  • How will you handle social distancing/congregating in bathrooms during classroom changeover?  
    We've instituted procedures across campus to help with the process. Across campus, we're making most hallways and stairwells one-way, and administrators, teachers and other staff will monitor to ensure social distancing is being maintained. We'll also work to identify and correct issues that arise quickly to keep our community safe.
  • What is the plan for classes that require labs?
    We're making sure that labs are socially distanced, and teachers are working on ways to do labs that can maintain this and are spread apart as well as virtual options.
  • If they have math as P1, for example, according to this new schedule, they will not have math again for seven days? How can continuity continue?
    They'll actually have it twice during a seven-day rotation. They'll also get a small amount of homework to continue practicing those skills.
  • What are plans for the sophomore internships?
    Unfortunately, internships, class trips and other traditions have been put on hold and moved to spring. Hopefully, the situation surrounding the pandemic will improve by then, and our students will be able to participate then.
  • When will advisory groups be announced?
    Advisories have been carefully selected with the advisor being chosen to help different students with different needs. Friendship groups were taking into consideration, though. We'll share the advisory lists in early August.
    Are teachers being tested on a regular basis? 
    No, not at this time.
  • Will there be any mandatory testing for students?
    No, mandatory testing for all students will not be enacted. If a student has symptoms, then they will follow the quarantine procedure. The asymptomatic spread is the major issue with COVID-19. That's why we have procedures in place to minimize possible exposure. Testing each student doesn't seem to be a viable approach because of the possibility of exposure.
  • Will the school install clear protection shields for each student desk?
    We don't anticipate the installation of any shields due to the change in the rooms that are being used for classes, mask requirements and our social distance protocols.
  • What is the acceptable temperature allowed to enter campus?
    Students won't be allowed on campus if they have a temperature higher than 100.4. We'll be doing temperature checks before students get out of their cars.
  • Will there be PE classes?
    While we don't have PE classes in Upper School, we have a large number of students involved in extra-curricular activities involving athletics, and we're looking at ways to safely do those without compromising student safety.
  • Will there be seconds for lunch? Especially since they have afterschool activities?
    We're still working with Sodexo, our lunch service provider, on how lunch service will be provided. We'll share those plans with you in early August. 
  • Could there be an option to opt-out of lunches by trimester?
    You always have the option to bring your lunch from home. Your lunch fee funds our contract with Sodexo to provide lunch and pay our cafeteria staff. However, we are working with Sodexo on ways to give you a refund of the associated savings on food costs. We'll have more details in early August.
  • Assuming sports do continue and play, what is the plan for the school day and practices?
    For any sports that are approved to play, we have specific protocols for each one. Families with athletes on those teams will receive detailed communication from the athletic department and coaches. Fall varsity sports have already begun practicing and workouts, each following a specific structure. Practice days, times, etc. will all be communicated in advance.
  • If sports proceed as normal, will there be a limit of fan capacity?
    Yes: if we are able to proceed with sports, there will be a severe limitation on who would be able to attend any event.
  • Will there be band, and what are the social distancing protocols?
    We are still working on the best protocols for band, and it will not be starting in-person during the first few weeks.
  • Will theatre resume? 
    Eventually: yes. While sports activities have started back, it's allowed us to make sure they're practicing social distancing and following procedures before we start full academics back. Once we start the school year and as our community adapts to the social distancing and masks wearing, we'll look for ways to start back theatre, robotics and other activities.
  • Will there be aftercare?
    In the afternoon, students must leave campus at the end of their school day, with pickup times varying per division. At the beginning of the school year, all students will be required to leave campus by 3:55 p.m. We're looking into how to have aftercare and other after school activities safely, but currently, there isn't an option for students to stay on campus any later.


  • Because the virus is contagious 3 to 5 days before symptoms are apparent, it is still possible for a large outbreak at the school, what are the plans to address that contingency and what will the school do to protect those students are at higher risk for an adverse outcome?
    Despite our best efforts, there are risks of outbreaks at the school. If your family is at higher risks, we hope that you'll weigh that in your decision to attend on-campus classes vs. the online option. As we've shared before, there is a possibility that we would have to move a group, grade or division to online classes dependent on the severity of the outbreak. We'll be making those decisions with the Shelby County Health Department's aid and the doctors on out Task Force.
  • What specific symptoms will be communicated to parents as those that should cause them to keep a student home from school? 
    The CDC has designated the following as possible symptoms of COVID-19: 
    - Fever or chills 
    - Cough 
    - Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing 
    - Fatigue
    - Muscle or body aches 
    - Headache 
    - New loss of taste or smell 
    - Sore throat 
    - Congestion or runny nose 
    - Nausea or vomiting 
    - Diarrhea 

    Knowing that all of these symptoms could also be from other illnesses (like flu), families can provide documentation from a doctor outside of their nuclear family showing that their symptoms are caused by another type of virus (flu, strep, etc.). With the documentation, once they are symptom-free for 24 hours, they may return to school.
  • How will the situation be handled if a student seems to get sick during the course of the school day?
    Our nurse will be alerted, and the student will be checked for symptoms and will be isolated in a room awaiting parent pickup. 
  • If a teacher tests positive, will all students exposed have to quarantine?
    Like other members of our community, they would follow our quarantine/testing procedure. According to the CDC contact tracing guidelines, only individuals who have come into close contact with someone who is infected need to be moved to quarantine. Practices and procedures on campus (6 feet of distance at all times, everyone in masks) are designed to avoid close contact between individuals.


Should a teacher become infected or have to quarantine, what is the plan to continue instruction?

We'll cover substitutions internally to ensure we're not bringing other potential exposure risks to campus. We believe that we do have enough people to work as substitutes, but will monitor it closely.


I thought CDC specified 14 days quarantine form exposure or +ve test?

If the child was in close contact with a positive person, they would follow the quarantine/testing procedure:

  • Provide documentation of two negative COVID-19 tests taken greater than 24 hours apart
  • Ten days have passed since close contact occurred with a person with a confirmed positive case

Practices and procedures on campus (6 feet of distance at all times, everyone in masks) are designed to avoid close contact between individuals and to protect our community in cases like this. Families of classmates would be notified of the potential exposure, but only asked to quarantine if it is determined that they have been in close contact with the individual.

Distance Learning

  • If we choose the option for online classes, are we able to change to the on-campus option later?
    Absolutely: we do ask for one week's notice so we have time to ensure social distancing can still happen. You'll just need to notify your division office.
  • If we decide to go online, is the first week of school still mandatory, and what is the purpose of it?
    Yes: attendance is required as it would be in a normal year. Both online and in-person would apply to this attendance.