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Accreditation, which is sought voluntarily, ensures that the institution has met the association's standards and simplifies the transfer of credits from one school to another. No school can be accredited, regardless of its resources, unless it engages in a continuous school improvement program.

Lausanne is accredited and holds memberships in the following groups increasing Lausanne's connection with thousands of schools worldwide.
International Baccalaureate (IB)
The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a global leader in international education—developing inquiring, knowledgeable, confident, and caring young people. THE programmes empower school-aged students to take ownership in their own learning and help them develop future-ready skills to make a difference and thrive in a world that changes fast.
Tennessee Association of Independent Schools (TAIS)
The Tennessee Association of Independent Schools is a voluntary association of sixty-plus schools located throughout the state of Tennessee and northern Mississippi. It is a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors, all of whom are currently serving as Heads of School at TAIS schools.  While each school is unique, they share key qualities: they provide strong academic programs, appreciate students as unique individuals, promote student engagement in their school communities, and facilitate the moral and ethical growth of their students. In addition, all TAIS schools maintain non-discriminatory policies, are incorporated as nonprofit organizations governed by a Board of Trustees and are accredited either by the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS), Cognia, or the state of Tennessee.
Memphis Association of Independent Schools (MAIS)
The Memphis Association of Independent Schools (MAIS) represents 35 of the region's finest private schools, each of which is unique, and all of which share a commitment to educational excellence, meeting the needs of individual students and building a stronger community. Selecting a school that best fits a child's needs is one of the most important decisions a parent can make. In the Mid-South, families have a wide variety of high-quality educational opportunities, both public and independent. 
Educational Records Bureau (ERB)
ERB (Educational Records Bureau) is an industry-leading independent educational advisory. THEY thoughtfully track the entire student journey for Grades 1 – 12 with AN integrated suite of products and services to assess and enhance academic ability, social maturity, and emotional awareness. In doing so, THEY help enable schools, educators, and families to unlock their students' full potential.
Council of International Schools
The Council of International Schools (CIS) is a membership community committed to high-quality international education. THE CIS community includes more than 1,360 schools and universities, representing 123 countries.