Admissions And The Global School
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Admissions And The Global School

Lausanne is a globally minded community committed to empowering individuals. Our respect for each child's personality, learning style and family inspires confidence, kindness and achievement throughout our student body. This attention and care for every step in a child's life is combined with a wide range of enrichment programming and academic challenges. It's why our graduates are sought out by colleges and universities worldwide, where a network of alumni support is ready to greet them.

We seek to admit bright, college-bound students with intellectual potential, motivation and parental support to succeed in our academically challenging environment. Successful candidates will have a strong work ethic, positive attitude, cooperative spirit, pleasant nature and genuine commitment to Knowledge, Truth and Honor.

By building a partnership with Lausanne, parents and students can capitalize on Lausanne's reputation with American universities and use that to help gain acceptance into the university that fits the needs of the student.

Bringing Lausanne Collegiate School to you no matter where you are in the world and giving you the opportunity to open the door to your potential.

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