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As we move ahead with planning, we know you'll have questions about specific areas.

Below you'll find answers to some of the questions we've received, but if you have a concern, we haven't addressed, please let us know by submitting it using the above form. It will be shared with the task force, and we'll try to address it as soon as possible. 

Do we have to wear masks?

The CDC recommends "face coverings should be worn by staff and students (particularly older students) as feasible, and are most essential when physical distancing is difficult." At the same time, they recognize that younger students may have difficulty wearing a mask for the entire day. 

Upper and Middle School students are required to keep their masks on at all times while they are inside and transitioning to and from areas. They will be allowed to remove masks when attending outside classes as long as social distancing is maintained and if approved by the instructor.

Students in Lower School will be asked to wear masks, as per current CDC guidelines and the recommendations of the medical professionals on Lausanne's Task Force.

Teachers and faculty will be required to keep their masks on unless conducting class outside with social distancing in place. We are exploring ways to protect faculty and staff but allow their faces to be seen by students (i.e. utilizing face shields in class). 

How often will classrooms and restrooms be cleaned?

Classrooms will be cleaned daily, and restrooms will be cleaned multiple times a day. Many high use areas will be disinfected every 30 minutes, with particular attention to hot spots such as door handles, faucets, light switches, thermostats, etc. Lausanne revised our cleaning and sanitizing procedures in response to the pandemic, and all of our disinfectants are effective against COVID-19. Our full cleaning and disinfecting protocols are available on our website.

What happens if my family is exposed to COVID-19?

If you have come into contact with someone that has tested positive for COVID-19, please email our Director of Operations, Stewart Crais, to alert the school. The small group with your student will be alerted and moved to distance learning for 72 hours. Members of the small group will have to test negative for COVID-19 before being allowed to return to campus. 

What happens if a student or teacher tests positive for COVID-19?

If a student, teacher or another member of our community tests positive for COVID-19, they must provide two negative COVID-19 tests, and no flu-like symptoms for 72 hours. 

Please email our Director of Operations, Stewart Crais, to alert the school. The small group with your student will be alerted and moved to distance learning for 72 hours. Members of the small group will have to test negative for COVID-19 before being allowed to return to campus. 

What about aftercare, athletics or other after-school activities?

Traditionally, students leave their classrooms and join with others in after-school activities. Knowing the goal is to limit the number of times a student could possibly be exposed to the virus, it becomes difficult to keep the same small groups together. We're working on ways to accomplish this while providing various activities after school.

Is there going to be a ramp-up or phased plan to allow the campus to reopen?

Welcoming our students and faculty back to campus with new safety procedures in place are being tested as our varsity athletic teams began practices and our summer camps open at 50% capacity July 6. This allows us to test the processes and see them in action with smaller groups, giving us a chance to make adjustments if needed.

Later in the summer, camp capacity will grow and faculty will return, leading to the return of all students and the first day of school, August 17. 

How can I add my input?

We value your experience in the classroom as well as the experiences of your students and want to know your ideas and concerns about this fall. 

Please take a moment and share your thoughts with the task force by visiting our website here. Name and email are optional so you can submit your question while remaining anonymous.

Will the academic calendar change?

Understanding that some things may change because of things out of our control, we're committed to the holidays and major dates calendar found at

At this time do you anticipate that students will be physically present on campus in August?

Yes. As you may know Lausanne Summer Camps will open July 6, our camps will provide tangible information that will help us in our planning to open school.

How will student interaction in groups be limited?

All students return to campus for classes with safety protocols in place. Small groups interact, maintaining social distance in "protective bubbles" as they move around campus and in their classrooms, with group size being no more than 15.

How will the school day in August be organized?

Ensuring that our rigorous academic program's integrity is not compromised, the daily schedule for each division will be slightly modified by age group to ensure that core academic time is enhanced. There will be modifications to drop off and pick up for some grades to preserve social distancing.

What about lunch?

Our food service company can adjust its service with just two weeks' notice. At this point, to maintain social distancing and to maintain protective bubbles, students will eat in their classrooms.

Even if students are on campus in August, I do not feel comfortable sending my child. What do I do?

Understanding that some parents may not feel comfortable with their students returning, we're developing ways for students to continue learning from home. These include cameras in classrooms that allow students to be present virtually, teachers to record lessons and posting assignments for students online.