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In addition to our academics program that sets Lausanne apart from other schools, we also boast an amazing athletics program that features state-of-the-art training equipment & a team of coaches & staff that will help your student-athlete reach their goals both on & off the field. Want To tour the Building yourself from the comfort of your browser? Click here to take a virtual tour. 

Located to your right just as you enter the athletics building, The Lair is host to a variety of events on campus including physical education classes, athletic games, camps  and commencement.

You will also notice our student-athletes of the year hanging on the wall just outside The Lair. Each year, three student-athletes are chosen for their work on the field, the classroom and the community. 

If you head down the hallway as you enter the building, you will find the newest facility in the athletics building. The Women’s Strength and Conditioning Facility houses a combination of strength and conditioning equipment including four Sorinex racks.  Built for Lausanne and emblazoned with the school's logos and colors, the new equipment is an upgrade for our Lady Lynx, who were previously having to share space with the male athletes.

Sorinex is the most sought-after strength brand for professional teams, colleges, high schools and military bases and is known as an innovator of strength equipment.

The addition of the new facility also comes with the addition of a new women's strength and conditioning coach.  Heather Nichols has been training athletes for 24 years and is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Speaking of weight rooms, a walk down the stairs will get you to our spacious weight facilities. 

Just as the Lausanne student-athlete is given all the tools to train their minds for the next level, they are also given facilities to get their bodies ready for competition. 

Combining state-of-the-art equipment with trainers that work with our athletes both on and off the field with training and nutrition programs, our Lynx athletes are given all the tools to make sure they are ready to excel on the field and court just as they do in the classroom.