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The variety of offerings and strength of our club system are a testament to the student-centered culture of our school.

The Upper School Clubs give our students a special avenue to pursue their passions and interests. Completely student-organized, they include a wide range of opportunities for students to express leadership and organization skills while also increasing awareness of various causes and programs. Community service, academics, arts and athletics can all be found in the various clubs.

The culture of strong faculty support for students provides a meaningful synergy of learning and reflection at Lausanne as each club has a faculty advisory recruited by the students. Clubs in the Upper School are entirely student driven. They allow students to express themselves, find support for causes they deem important and interact with teachers outside the classroom. Our strong club system and huge variety of clubs is a testament to the student-centered culture of our school.

The Sports Reporters, A Capella Blue, Make-A-Wish and the city champion Knowledge Bowl Team are just a few examples of how clubs at Lausanne can bring students together while making a difference locally, nationally and even internationally.

Student-led and academic clubs meet on a biweekly schedule during the advisory period each Wednesday between 12:05 and 12:35 p.m.

List Of Clubs

Aerospace Club 
We will build and launch rockets throughout the year, but other ideas are welcome. Each year club members are given the opportunity to participate in the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC), however this is optional.

Angling and Boating Club
The Angling and Boating Club aka “Yacht Club”, is all about getting down to Blue Heron Lake and enjoying the great outdoors. We are incredibly fortunate here at Lausanne to be right next to the lake and I believe that having a club that goes to the lake every chance is going to be really fun. If you really enjoy fishing and being on the water then this is the club for you. If the weather is bad and it is not safe to be down at the lake then we will be discussing fishing and boating techniques in the classroom.

Art of Japan Club
This club was originally meant for just watching anime or discussing anime and mangas that the club members found interesting or were popular at the time, but as the club grew, it has branched out to also having discussions of cultural and/or historical context behind one of our favorite forms of entertainment. This year, I'd like to further this, but also keep the heart of what the club was founded on, a relaxing time to watch a few good shows and learn about interesting mangas as well.

ASL Club
This club is designed to be a fun way of learning american sign language, PSE (ASL but in american syntax), and games (such as sign language bingo). You will learn through songs, watching videos, and communicating conversations dedicated to the language of ASL .

Cricket Club
We play cricket, mate.

Cultural Eats Club
In this club, we will be meeting every two weeks and eating different foods from different cultures during our time period. We will have members assigned to bring in different types of food from the cultures we assign. We will also have food based off of cultural holidays and times of the year. This club will provide the members with different types of food from different cultures, so it is a great way to learn about cultures you aren't normally used to!

Diversity Club
Diversity Club is a club where we talk about social issues, and observations about the world around us. We discuss topics like, prejudice, sexism, racism, stereotypes, and so on. Also, when we are on a topic of diverse cultures we will have some food to snack on from the country we are on the topic of. While we discuss issues we also actively discuss ways we can make a difference and help fix these problems. Diversity Club is a very open friendly environment where we discuss our thoughts and a opinions in a no judge zone. JOIN DIVERSITY CLUB!

Environmental Club
We focus on bringing awareness to the students and faculty of Lausanne through posters and the occasional presentation. Quite frequently we watch documentaries, movies, and interviews focusing on the environment during club meetings. We also have discussions and sometimes even meet outside of school to do environmental work in the community. The club is as serious as you take it and because of this we are able to have a good time while still learning about and helping the environment. Basically, as long as you don’t openly hate the environment, you should fit right in.

Exploration of Film
In this club we watch less than mediocre films and discuss why they turned out the way that they did. Sometimes the budget may be too small to make a good movie, or the director wasn't skilled enough to produce an excellent film. We will also watch good movies and compare them to the others, trying to get a good grasp on what concepts go into making a great film and how that differs from the poor ones.

French Club
A fun way to learn about the french culture by eating their food, playing their games, watching movies, listening to french music, and celebrating their holidays like Mardi Gras! Laissez les bons temps rouler! (Let the good times roll)

Friends of St. Jude Club
My cousin, Adam, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in July of 2014. This was a life changing experience for all of our family. You always hear stories of cancer patients, and of the good, that St. Jude does, but you never suspect it will affect someone you love. Two years later and 3 million dollars of treatment, Adam is in remission and doing much better, and thanks to St. Jude, my family did not have to pay a cent. I want some way to help pay back all of the good they've done. So I formed a club to help spread awareness for races, fundraisers, and other St. Jude related events.

Garden Club
Last year we built two beds and planted twelve tomato plants that are still growing. We hope to furthur this garden that we have begun by branching off of Empower Memphis. Our goal is to create a community garden that all the students and teachers will have access to.

Knowledge Bowl 
A Knowledge Bowl is a fast-paced, buzzer-oriented academic competition where players compete to see who can answer questions the fastest. Subject matters can be from any academic discipline, along with common knowledge, sports, pop culture, and other grab bag style categories. Club members play buzzer competitions each club meeting, and can also try out for the Lausanne Knowledge Bowl TV Team, which competes on WREG's News Channel 3 Knowledge Bowl, and also compete in local area quiz bowl competitions on a more informal level. Knowledge Bowl is a great way to keep up with current events, as well as keep the mind sharp and have fun while learning more.

Make a Wish A
We will work alongside SGA to fundraise for Make a Wish. Throughout the year, we will come up with different fun activities to help raise money. We will help the SGA with the events, and work to grant as many wishes as possible.

Math Club 
Q: Why do mathematicians like parks? A: Because of all the natural logs. Bad math jokes, fun problems, competitions, and more! Join math club for the time of your life.

Medical and Health Science (HOSA) Club 
The Medical and Health Science (HOSA) Club, formerly known as HOSA club, is dedicated to three pillars-- knowledge, service, and leadership-- to educate high school students on the importance of medicine and to enhance the education of all health science education students. This club works towards these goals by providing weekly service opportunities through Special Olympics and volunteering at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital, bringing in speakers, hosting blood drives for the school, going on hospital tours, and participating in the HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) competition. HOSA is a national organization that hosts competitions in various events-- whether it be Researched Prepared Speaking on a health-related topic, epidemiology, sports science, physical therapy, medical math, and more-- to expose high school students to a multitude of topics within the health science sector early on. If you have a strong passion for medicine, sports science, or are thinking about a health-related career, this is the club for you!

Memphis Outreach 
Each week on Tuesday's and Thursday's we tutor and mentor elementary students at Jackson Elementary located on 3925 Wales Ave, Memphis, TN 38108 from 4 p.m.-6 p.m. The goal of this club is to give back to the community and invest someone else's life by simply lending a helping hand to the youth. Memphis Outreach will Volunteer with different charities in Memphis, participate in food drives, and donate clothes to veterans and the homeless.

Newspaper Club
Newspaper Club is a great club to join if you are interested in being a writer, editor, photographer, or media designer. We publish a student produced newspaper that is printed 3-4 times a year. Everything about the club is student run, and we work with many other students and teachers throughout the school. Our club is looking for people who are going to be committed and will do their work but we also have a lot of fun! We are extremely open to new ideas and we are only in our third year of production so we are happy to adapt our club to student needs throughout the year. Being a part of your school's newspaper is also a great activity to have on your resume. Join Newspaper Club for a great year!

Nintendo Club
The mission of the Nintendo Club is to inform it’s members about Nintendo news, have fun by bringing together students that like the same types of games and being able to discuss them, encouraging students to bring their own gaming devices such as the DSi, DSi XL, 3DS, 3DS XL, WiiU, 2DS, and New 3DS to the club meetings and exchanging friend codes and street passes, making connections with people that like the same things, and building metaphorical bridges by playing games that require teamwork.

Political Science Club
The political science club focuses on discussing, debating, and learning about domestic laws, policies, and elections. This year, which concludes a presidential election, provides a unique opportunity to become well informed on important issues and analyze the candidates. In addition, we will be attending the Harvard Model Congress, a series of simulated congressional sessions in Boston where you can represent any congressman and pass your own legislation!

Scholastic Art Project Club 
Scholastic Art Project Club allows you to work on a project for submission to the scholastic competition. You can work using the media of your choice. Once the competition is over, you can work on another art project for fun.

Speech and Debate
Speech and Debate club allows students to compete with one another in a variety of theatrical, historical, and speaking topics targeted to help improve numerous aspects of high school life from public speaking skills to on-the-spot thinking. Speech involves a presentation in solo, duo, or group categories that are judged competitively with events ranging from dramatic and humorous interpretation to current event knowledge. Debate involves a team of debaters who work efficiently and effectively to convince a judge that his or her side of a resolution is more correct than their opponents, basically arguing as to why you are right, and the other team is wrong. Speech and Debate allows students to find their own powerful, life-changing moments throughout their high school experience to better prepare them for life in the real world from solid preparation to perfect execution.

Spirit Committee
The purpose of this club is to raise awareness for school sporting events and school spirit in general. We also assist SGA in any way to help with pep rallies, homecoming, etc. The club has a lot of fun activities and it's a good way to get involved!

Study Hall 
Study hall for students to focus on schoolwork.

The Outdoors Club
In The Outdoors Club we will talk about many many things, from events in Memphis to ways to help our environment. This club will include everything such as running, hiking, climbing, camping, biking, and much more. If you have any questions please let me know!

The World Wars Club
Do you have a love for the First and Second World Wars? Does history interest you? Well then quit Stalin and join the World Wars Club! Every meeting in this club will be fun and intriguing experience of the First and Second World War/any other war/conflict know to man! We are going to be working on models of battles of WWII and will be learning about them and their outcomes. Also food will be present most of the meetings. Our first meeting we will decide what most of the other meetings will be from watching movies to working on our models.

Ukulele Club
Ukulele club is a great environment for all levels of ukulele players. Make sue that you know some basic chords (G, C, D, F) and Zack, Leah, and Molly will help you out with the rest! Every meeting we try to learn a new song so that by the end of the year you will know some really fun tunes! This year is going to be really fun! Can't wait to meet the new members!

Big Lynx Little Lynx
The purpose of our club is to help close the gap between Upper School and Lower School. We feel that our school is very segregated in this aspect, and it would be very cool to get to know the little kids, and would also be very appealing to parents looking at Lausanne.

Contemporary String Music Club
The new Lausanne Contemporary String Music Club will be a new would focus on Upper School string musicians. The club will research, practice, and play, popular contemporary music. The purpose of this club is to serve as a platform for string instrument students to experience many genres of music and to gain experience through playing with others. The club will seek to opportunities to play with faculty and community musicians and opportunities to play in school and community service functions.

Current Events Club
In Current Events Club we analyze current events. We discuss how the affect our world and what the consequences will be in the future.

Cycling Club
This club is designed to bring people with a passion of cycling together. We organize weekend rides to accommodate as many people's schedules.

Finding Your Inner Peace
Finding Your Inner Peace club is a club designed to help alleviate stress in any environment. We want to help our peers through difficult times by providing ways to relax and take care of yourself. We try to do as much yoga as possible and try to meet outside of school so we can plan more activities.

Gaming Club
In this club we will play various types of games, from cards, to gaming consoles and all the way to games like mafia. We want to have fun but we also want to make sure everybody gets the chance to interact and play. We will host tournaments with prizes for competitive games such as Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart Double Dash for those who are interested. Our main goal is it to have fun and a good time, we hope to see you soon, ready to get your game on!

Girl Talks
This is a club for freshman and sophomore girls in which upperclassmen discuss topics relevant to girlhood. Topics include body image, relationships, athletics, and all things high school.

History Bowl
History Bowl is practice for an international competition which is a buzzer competition revolving around all sorts of history knowledge. This club is useful for practicing said competition, as an introduction to it, or simply to have fun. In this club you'll be surrounded by engaged, motivated history students that do not hesitate to share their knowledge and help each other in the process. The activities include playing simulations of a history bowl, or sometimes doing other historical based activities

International Studies
This club is designed to inform our student body about different countries and their culture. Each club meeting every person will bring one piece of food from the specific country we are studying that day. Then we will talk about the countries and eat the food brought in. Each person will be required to bring in a piece of information about the country of that day.

Lausanne Loves Animals 
Lausanne Loves Animals is an easy and fun way to get community service hours. We represent multiple organizations such, as the humane society and pitty and pride, which we support through service, fundraisers, and much more. We also will be holding fun activities and some pizza parties too, to say thanks to the members. So if you need service hours for CAS or to be seen more by colleges, while also having fun, join Lausanne Loves Animals.

Model United Nations
Model United Nations is a club in which members research, write, and debate in a style that simulates the United Nations as a whole. After choosing a country and committee, delegates research the committee's topics for their conference and write position papers outlining their stance as a nation on the issues at hand. They then write resolutions, papers that provide solutions to the problems addressed by their committee. In conference, delegates debate and write resolutions and simulate the committees of the United Nations, while also meeting new people and learning more about international politics and current events. During club time, delegates will learn not only more about the UN, but will also learn the procedure for debate, paper writing, and other conference activities, as well as service opportunities like sending letters to United States Foreign Service Officers. This year's conferences will include the student-run SHSMUN, the Southeastern High School Model UN, hosted in Chattanooga this November 18-21, as well as other conferences around the state and country.

NBA Club
NBA club will be club for learning about the game, NBA, players, rules, plays, etc. This club will teach those who don't know much of the game and organization, the rules and jobs of basketball overall. We might decide to bring the video game NBA 2K, to teach them ways of how some league jobs work like with the MyGM settings, MyLeague setting, etc. We want to teach people the players, teams etc. within the NBA, so they can have the upmost knowledge when it comes to basketball. A fantasy basketball league(s) will likely be apart of the club too.

Psychology in Film
In this club, we will be learning about the psychology behind many famous films. We will be watching and discussing several movies and shows. With Dr. Bailey as our proctor, she can help us analyze and come to a conclusion about certain characters and aspects of film.

Science Olympiad
"For the last 33 years, SCIENCE OLYMPIAD has led a revolution in science education." ( We are looking for bright minds with a burning passions for science. Any branch of science! Physics, biology, chemistry, you name it! We look forward to locking horns with 7,600 teams across 50 states! We as Lausanne have the best staff and teachers so we can, as the Lynx, proudly decide our own limits of academic growth! We are excited to see you all there!

Spanish Club
Spanish club is a great way to further your immersion in the Spanish language. We have lots of fun and eat a lot of hispanic food, watch videos, and play games. We also sometimes make art projects to celebrate holidays from Spanish speaking countries. It is sure to be really fun and bring you together with other people who are proud to be a part of Spanish Club.

SPAZ Club (Society of Philanthropic Art Zealots) 
SPAZ Club is ART CLUB! You don’t have to be good at art as long as you’re passionate. At each club meeting we will have fun and easy art activities planned like cookie decorating and henna! We also plan on having group art museum visits and art-oriented service projects.

Special Olympics
Special Olympics Club is a club that works one on one with athletes in the Memphis area. Through this club, you can participate in many different functions the organization has to offer including basketball games, swim meets, and the Polar Bear Plunge where you jump into the Mississippi river! If you want a fun club that can also get you volunteer hours, this is the one for you.

Study Hall
Study hall for students to focus on schoolwork.

Ted Talks Club
It is a club devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less). TED began in 1984 as a conference where Technology, Entertainment and Design converged, and today covers almost all topics — from science to business to global issues — in more than 100 languages. Meanwhile, independently run TEDx events help share ideas in communities around the world.

Tribal Club
In this club we will be examining the ancient African culture, celebrations, food of tribes. The days will consist of lectures, discussion groups, and use of movies.

Whiffle Ball Club
It's basically baseball with plastic balls and bats.

Zine Time! 
Zine Time! would be an interesting and relaxing club where students would get to channel some of their creative energy towards something fun and challenging. Students would spend the club time making zines or mini magazines that would be centered around art and writing (different from our literary journal and the newspaper). If possible, we would like to put out a few issues and distribute them to the student body (content would not likely be about Lausanne since that's what the newspaper is for). Zines have always been a unique way for the artistic and creative types to put their work out there in a way that lets their art do the talking. If students are interested, zines are a great way to learn more about book layout, book design, and self-publishing in an uncommon way. Zines have personality and require guts, but most of all--- you just have to want to have fun!

Basketball Club 
Both Basketball club is a place to go to have a good time during breaks. You will play only basketball and the competition will be amazing.

Cinema Spectators 
Both Revamped version of last year's "Film Makers Club," this club is for moviegoers to watch, analyze, and discuss film. "Cinema Spectators" relies heavily on peer interaction so if you're into films and think you'd make a worthwhile contribution we'd love to have you.

D.E.C.A is a non for profit student organization created to help "prepare emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management." In U.S high schools alone there are 200,000 members that are apart of DECA. This club helps to prepare students for the business world in a fun and interactive way by participating in career development conferences, chapter events and cool challenges. If you plan to enter the business world later in life this is the club for you!

Lynx Live
Lynx Live is a club that focuses on putting students into a broadcast journalism perspective. Throughout the year students put together pieces including interviews and skits to be shown to the student body. We have producers, editors, anchors, and interviewers who are assigned a job for each broadcast. This year there will be 5 broadcasts this year with interviews for the 2017-2018 year being in May!

This is a student led ACT/SAT tutoring club, taught by two students with standardized test scores in the 99% percentile. We will try to work with students as individually possible and have weekly sessions. One student will lead the ACT prep while one student will lead the SAT prep.

Astronomy Club
In this club, we will focus on having interactive exposure to various topics on Astronomy. Although it will be an academic-oriented club, it will not be extremely rigorous or require a ton of effort and time by each member. We will watch space-related documentaries, have discussions on news articles related to astronomy, and use software such as Celestia to virtually explore different phenomena. If it is feasible, we also plan to make an occasional trip to a local museum or space related center as a group. It will be a very laid back, student-focused club and will be a great opportunity for anyone interested in astronomy, no matter the knowledge level.

Badminton Club
For Badminton this year, we plan to have a learning approach. We will intend to meet either weekly or biweekly and play on the Lausanne tennis courts. It will be a very laid-back, beginner oriented activity although people of various skill levels were in the club last year. Most of the club time will go towards free for all singles or doubles matches. Regardless of your previous experience level, this is a great opportunity to have a relaxing and fun time with your friends after school.

Board Game Club 
After school Board game club is an after school club that will meet whenever possible. The purpose of this club is to get players together to enjoy board and card games whenever possible. This club will meet in a way so that a member can be in any other clubs or extracurricular activities and still be able to be a member as there will not be a rigid schedule and not all members need to be at every meeting. Join board game club if you enjoy playing board games or want to learn how to play!

Destination Imagination
Destination Imagination is a nonprofit organization where teams from around the world work to make a creative solution to one of several challenges. If you and a group of friends are interested in making a team, sign up and come talk to us and we will help you get started!

Fencing Club
This club is for everyone interested in learning how to fence and potentially training for a team. Practice timing and location have not been worked out yet, but we will most likely start lessons outside of school. Please sign up if you think you might be interested so that I can include you in any upcoming events. If you have any questions, please email me at

Japanese and Korean Club
Studying Japanese and Korean languages and their cultures

MIFA is a volunteer service that meets in the mornings on days when there is no school. The selected drivers and their passengers will then drive around a neighborhood to deliver food to people who cannot get it themselves. It is a multiple person job and to join you do not need to drive.

National History Day Club 
National History Day is a yearly competition which revolves around a annual theme (last year's theme was Exploration, Encounter, Exchange). Students can enter into 5 categories (paper, board, performance, website or documentary) individually or with a group to create a history project related to that theme. The first regional competition takes place at the University of Memphis. This club is being created to help all the people who are planning to participate in NHD this year and is neither an A nor a B club so that it can be flexible with everyone's schedule! This club will not only allow you to receive help from people who have experience with NHD but will help keep you on the right track by having checkpoints for when certain things such as research and scripts should be completed. This club is open to all!

Robotics is an after school club that meets from 3:30-5:00. We participate in the FIRST Tech Challenge and have a lot of roles to fill, from programming to building to writing!

South Asian Club
This club is a South Asian Club which is open to all! This club will encompass all aspects of the South Asian culture such as food, sports, film, dance, and plan attendance at various events such as cricket and badminton games, IndiaFest and Garba dance. During clubtime, we will also watch Bollywood movies (with English subtitles!). With Lausanne's mission to embrace global mindedness and diversity, the South Asian club will educate others about this vivacious culture.

Spoken Word Club
Spoken Word Club will be a space for students to learn how to write and perform effectively. In this club we will discuss poetry (mainly slam poetry) and we will write poems about topics that the club members will vote (and can suggest) every other week. We will watch the performances of others and talk about their successes and what makes a great and memorable poem.

Virtual Reality Design
This is a new after school club that will be in the spring semester in which participants design a 3D environment to help students in certain classes. Participants will have to go through an interview process and more detail will be sent out closer to winter break.

Warm Up America Club
Warm Up America Club is a service club devoted to making knitted and crocheted goods to donate to Warm Up America, an organization that provides clothing and blankets to the less fortunate. You do not have to be good at knitting/crocheting or even know how to knit/crochet. We will teach you! Materials will be provided.

This club prepares students for the local Wordsmith Competition in February. Members will learn how to write creatively, describing objects and pictures. This club has been around for many years and numerous students have gone to this competition and won awards. If you love writing or want to improve your writing skills join this club!