College Advising For The Global School
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College Advising For The Global School

At Lausanne, we strive to know each student and their family in a way that helps lessen the anxiety and worry during what has become a very stressful process. Global School students and parents meet 1-on-1 virtually with a college advisor every year to help ensure families understand the college admissions process and the importance of academic performance throughout high school. Students and parents are also encouraged to reach out to the college advising office with any questions about the college application process through all of their years at Lausanne.



  • 92 Graduates
  • 100% Graduation Rate
  • 100% Accepted To College
  • Acceptances to 167 Different Schools 
  • Matriculation to 66 Different Schools
  • $14 million in Merit Scholarships
  • 50% IB Diploma Candidates
  • $149,290 average in awards per student
Beginning in 9th grade, a college advisor meets virtually with each family to discuss their student’s aspirational college goals. After reviewing the results from PSAT testing, the advisor helps interpret current admission trends for the family so that together, they can set attainable goals and develop a plan for success. Students receive guidance on what courses, internships and extracurricular activities will help them as they move forward through their academic journey.

In 10th grade, students and parents once again meet virtually with their college advisor to assess academic progress and address any concerns through early intervention. They review the results from the student’s latest PSAT testing and together, build a personalized preparation and testing schedule for the student’s junior year. Sophomores also begin to create their college resume, conduct mock college interviews with advisors and start to meet with college admissions representatives virtually.

11th-grade students are given the ability to visit a variety of different college campuses on the Junior College trip. As they tour large universities, small liberal arts colleges and a mixture in between, the students begin to develop preferences for what they want in their own college experience. The tours create a great learning environment, showing students how to explore academic options and find their “right fit” institution.

Throughout the school year, students continue to receive guidance on their academic journey and participate in mock interview sessions with college representatives and Lausanne alumni. Resume writing workshops, career exploration sessions, and essay brainstorming workshops led by college advising help students with the application process. Virtual meetings focused on college advising begin in the spring, along with optional trips to college campuses during Spring Break.

12th graders benefit from the previous three years of personalized attention, and the relationships forged with the college advisors, as they complete their college applications and ultimately make decisions on the university to attend. Students and parents meet 1-on-1 at the beginning of 12th grade in a virtual environment to create a targeted and personalized college application list, based on the student’s academic profile, personal goals and professional plans. Together, they review application deadlines and identify potential scholarship opportunities.