Coronavirus Response
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Knowing that a Lausanne education is best experienced through in-person relationships, we are excited to have students back on campus. Safety measures are in place that address the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Our task force made up of infectious disease experts, doctors and members of our administrative team is continually working on ways to minimize risks and keep students safe.

Guiding Principles

The task force is guided by these goals:
  • We must stay true to the educational quality of Lausanne
  • The safety of our students and the health of the community must be protected
  • The situation may change quickly, and we must remain adaptable 

With those goals and recommendations from the Center for Disease Control guiding us, we developed policies and procedures. Knowing the situation can change daily based on local, state and federal recommendations, guidelines and mandates, we are prepared to adapt to the situation as necessary, and to educate students on-campus and online.

Classroom best practices continue to be evaluated and updated to utilize recommendations of national, state and local health officials, such as the American Association of Pediatrics and the Center for Disease ControlWhile these policies are for the entire school, each division has age-appropriate policies, as well.
policies for on-campus learning
Details on mask requirements, quarantine, carpool and lunch procedures can be found by clicking here.


Social and Emotional Needs of Students
Lausanne continues to facilitate SEL opportunities for all grade levels. Teaching students ways to regulate their emotions and cope with the stress of living in an accelerated culture is essential to student maturation. 

Additionally, Lower School Counselor Angie Valadie, Middle School Counselor Amanda Pearson and Upper School Counselor Samantha Douglas are available if you have a question about your Lausanne student's emotional health, and continue to work with students one-on-one to help them process their emotions. Contact your division's counselor by email at any time.
We strongly encourage all members of the Lausanne community to pursue receiving the Covid-19 vaccination if they are able. Knowing that our students will be interacting, and to protect our community, all families must agree to minimize their risk and exposure to the coronavirus, including maintaining social distancing, wearing face coverings, and avoiding situations as much as possible that could expose us to the virus.

In an effort to keep our community up to date with health information surrounding COVID-19, we've compiled this list to track situations involving coronavirus on campus. 

Being Prepared for Different Scenarios
Knowing the situation can change daily based on local, state and federal recommendations, guidelines and mandates, this information may become out of date. In almost all instances, we continue to follow the latest guidance from the CDC. To see their latest recommendations on their website at