Coronavirusnews - April 2020
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Coronavirus News

Reflecting on The Process

At Lausanne,  reflection is always an essential part of learning , giving our community the ability to evaluate and make adjustments to improve the process.  It's an ability that is proving vital to our process now.  As the 2019-2020 school year heads into its final month, we continue to adapt as best we can to an ever-changing situation. Many of our traditions have been adjusted to continue during this time. House Activities moved online, the show goes on with a... Read More
at Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Staying Connected

It's been five weeks since we moved to hold virtual classes due to the pandemic, and now we're heading into the final month of the academic year. One of the most challenging things about this time has been the need to reimagine the traditional rites of passage students participate in throughout their journey at Lausanne. While we've tried to honor many of the traditions across Pre K through 12th Grade, how we'll celebrate the Class of 2020 has been a major focus of not only... Read More
at Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Schools in Tennessee Closed for School Year

Since we moved to distance learning following Spring Break, we've monitored the situation surrounding the pandemic in the hopes of being able to return to campus for at least some portion of the school year. Unfortunately, I am greatly saddened to say, that given  Governor Bill Lee's announcement concerning public schools , and for the safety of our students, families and community, this will not be the case. At the request of Governor Lee,  Lausanne will continue distance... Read More
at Thursday, April 16, 2020

Celebrating the Class of 2020

Recently, numerous Lausanne staff and faculty volunteered to deliver goodies to the doorsteps of each individual member of the Class of 2020.  The items were disinfected and sorted into piles, and then delivered to doorsteps and front porches of every senior.  While we were very careful to maintain appropriate social distancing, seeing the excitement of the students through their windows and doors underscored  how important the connections we have at Lausanne are to us all. ... Read More
at Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Matching Adversity With Community

The burdens and pain felt by the Lausanne community in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic are real . The rhythms and normal routines of our school community have been wrecked, and we are all struggling to establish new ones until this pandemic passes. Our students miss coming to school, and our teachers and staff greatly miss seeing them. The mission of Lausanne continues, however.  Lausanne is committed to supporting our students, teachers, and staff during this time. ... Read More
at Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Building Adaptability

Lausanne students, from PK to 12th Grade, continue showcasing their talents, resiliency and adaptability as distance learning continues. While the platform Lausanne uses may have changed, our student-centered process hasn’t. We’re still guided by our mission to  provide  our students the best learning experience possible  and ensure they’re prepared for college and the world beyond. It’s been amazing to see our teachers and... Read More
at Wednesday, April 1, 2020