Changes to Health Communications and the Covid Tracker
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Coronavirus News

Changes to Health Communications and the Covid Tracker

With cases on the rise, we're trying to ensure you have access to cases affecting our community.  We've recently changed our Covid Tracker layout to be more concise. 

  • All of the same information is being shared as before.
  • Now at the top of the page, you can see the total number of community members in currently in quarantine because of positive tests, close contacts and masking protocols.
  • The latest CDC guidance now includes vaccinated close contacts needing to follow more intense masking protocols. These vaccinated close contacts are not listed on the Covid Tracker, but are now following masking protocols for 10 days after an exposure. 
    • Parents of all children are notified of the situation. 
    • Each division ensures people following masking protocols eat lunch in a socially distanced area to avoid other potential exposures. 
  • The Covid Tracker is updated at least daily with any new exposures or positive tests.
    • Campus Health Updates (like this email) will only share newly added cases, and will be sent on a less frequent basis. They will continue to be shared weekly in eNews, and as part of communication surrounding vaccination events. 
As always, we continue to work to be as transparent as possible If you have any questions about these changes, please reach out to Drew Smith, our Director of Communications.
Posted by Drew Smith at 9:50 AM