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Coronavirus News

Lower School Co-Curricular Classes Prepare To Resume In Original Spaces

With our campus, students and faculty all following safety protocols to ensure the safety of our community, Lower School co-curriculars are moving back into their original classrooms. 

Since August, Teachers Tara West, John Frassinelli and Moria Donati have been traveling from classroom to classroom throughout the Lower School with a cart full of supplies. Using their experience since this school year, the teachers have worked with Head of Lower School Kara Barbour and Director of Operations Stewart Crais to develop procedures to return to hosting students in the spaces designed for the activities. 


  • Each student lab table will be equipped with disinfectant spray & wipes (as a restaurant may have a napkin dispenser).  We'll plan to self-wipe our tables at the end of class & will make that a routine during the last 3 minutes. 
  •  Each student will be provided with his / her own set of lab equipment, as we have done since August.  If a set of lab equipment must be used again for another class (on another day), then the equipment will be cleaned as well at the end of the first class.  


  • Tables will be wiped down before and after each class
  • Students will bring their individual pencil boxes with supplies (only used by them) with the exception of some supplies (i.e. paint, clay, etc.)
  • Supplies in the classroom will be sanitized before and after classes
  • Students will be seated six or more feet apart
  • Hand sanitizer will be available for all students as they enter and exit the classroom


  • Students will sanitize hands as they enter the room
  • Designated spots marked on the floor, spaced apart
  • Each grade level will have a set of instruments with mallets
  • Instruments disinfected after each class
  • Limited singing with masks on