Vaccination/Booster Required for School Trips
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Coronavirus News

Vaccination/Booster Required for School Trips

We are all working diligently to ensure in-person learning can continue. 

Currently, people in close contact that have been vaccinated in the last six months or have received a booster shot do not have to quarantine after an exposure. 

Overnight trips and trips where community members are in close proximity eating or drinking pose a challenge for maintaining mask protocols and social distancing.

To ensure we’re protecting our ability to hold in person classes, any students, faculty or staff going on a school-sponsored overnight trip (or trip where community members will need to eat/drink in close proximity) must have a proof of vaccination on file that shows they were fully vaccinated (and boosted, if 18 or older) two weeks prior to the trip. 

We anticipate the CDC changing guidelines for who needs a booster shot to avoid quarantine soon from those 18+ to those 12+. If those rules change before a scheduled trip, students that are not boosted would not be allowed to attend. Please encourage students planning to go on trips to receive their booster shot as soon as they are able to avoid losing deposits, etc.

Lists of all participants on trips are checked against school records of Covid vaccination to ensure everyone is vaccinated. Click here for information on how to submit your record.

Thanks for helping protect in-person learning!

Posted by Drew Smith at 10:18 AM