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Coronavirus News

Winter Athletics Phased Restart

As you know, Lausanne’s policy since the pandemic began has been to follow the guidelines from the CDC and our SCHD. In Health Order #15, the Shelby County Health Department asked for all school-related close-contact sports to be suspended beginning on November 23. Being consistent with previous orders, we followed their recommendation and shared that we would continue to evaluate the situation and update you by December 11. 

Yesterday, we met with members of our COVID-19 Task Force to discuss ways to safely re-start our winter athletics programs and provide afterschool activities for Lausanne students and families. Marvis Davis, our Associate Athletic Director of College Compliance and Leadership, presented guidelines for our winter Athletics programs based on best practices used at other schools across the country. 

These guidelines include

  • All practices will be closed.
  • Participants will wear masks at all times when not on the court during practices and at home and away games, including during warm-ups and while sitting in assigned seats. 
  • Each player will have their own assigned seat while socially distanced. They may keep their bags near their seat for easy access to their towel, mask and water.
  • Lausanne locker rooms are limited to seven players and mornings only.
  • Limited fans at home games with pre-sold tickets and attendance capped at 10% of capacity.
  • Teams will follow a reduced game schedule.
  • Meet in a designated location no more than an hour before tip-off.
  • During away games, request a space in the opposing gym just for Lausanne basketball to continue to limit our exposure.
  • Near the score table, have hand sanitizing stations for players to use as they come off the court and return to their seats. The visitors would also have a station.
  • Additionally, abide by all opposing team protocols and inform visiting teams in advance of protocols we have in place.
After review and discussion, a phased plan was developed by the team for winter athletics to resume. 
  • December 7 – students in Upper School participating in winter athletics would undergo testing for COVID-19. Families will receive information from their coach about how the test will be administered soon.
  • December 8 – in-season varsity sports will resume practices (no scrimmages).
  • December 11 - Middle School winter close contact sports participants undergo testing for COVID-19. Families will receive information from their coach about how the test will be administered soon.
  • December 14 - varsity teams can resume competition.
  • December 14 - Middle School sports will resume practices (no scrimmages).
  • January 4 - Lower School sports can resume practices.
  • January 5 - Middle School teams can resume competition.
  • January 9 - Lower School teams can resume competition.

Ensuring our students' safety and the ability to keep school open continues to be the number one objective of all of us at Lausanne. As new recommendations and revisions come from the CDC, we may need to make changes to our planning. Thank you for remaining flexible as we work to resume offering afterschool programs and for your patience as we try to navigate these shifting recommendations and the challenging situation.

Kevin Locastro, Lausanne Athletics Director