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Category: 5th Grade

English 5

The 5th grade English curriculum integrates reading, writing, speaking, listening, and the study of vocabulary and grammar in a way that supports them in building a broad and diverse set of literacy skills. Different genre novels are explored throughout the year, along with learning to write in that style: Historical fiction, realistic fiction, non-fiction, and Fantasy/Mythology. Each writing assignment spans several lessons and guides students through a writing process that begins with prew... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Prehistory & the Rise of Civilization, Grade 5  

Fifth graders step back in time to learn about Prehistory and the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, China and India. They learn about humans' complex lives through the lenses of geography, religion, achievements, politics, economy, and social structure. Students use their knowledge to understand the impact on today's world. Etymology is also incorporated as a yearlong vocabulary unit of study focused on the use of Greek morphemes.    Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Math 5

This course is aligned with the National Standards for fifth-grade mathematics and focuses on three critical areas. First, the students will become skilled at the addition and subtraction of fractions. They will continue to develop an understanding of the multiplication of fractions and learn to do some simple division of fractions. The students use the meaning of fractions, multiplication and division to understand why the processes for multiplying and dividing fractions make sense. Second, ... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Integrated Science, Grade 5

The fifth-grade year is an introduction to the big three areas of science covered throughout the Middle Years Programme, which are Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science. This year, students will gain an overall perspective on scientific inquiry, along with the processes of experimentation and measurement. Students will need to collaborate, ponder, question, examine closely and be prepared to try multiple avenues in order to grasp the concepts we shall face throughout the course of... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Mandarin, Grade 5

The 5th grade course is designed to builds students' understanding of the Chinese language and culture with themes and subjects that are relevant to their daily lives. Students will learn pinyin, Chinese radicals, strokes, basic greetings and introductions. The lessons are developed for fifth-grade students' level, including listening, speaking, reading and writing (w/basic grammar). Online activities will make learning fun, effective and get self-feedback from lessons. After each lesson, stu... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Spanish, Grade 5

The MYP Spanish Grade 5 course introduces the students to the basics of Spanish language and the culture of Spanish-speaking countries. Although this course lasts only one trimester, lessons will include real case scenarios, meaningful conversation, and grammar when applicable. In every class we are going to use the four skills of listening, reading, writing, and speaking while learning useful vocabulary, grammatical structures, idiomatic expressions, and pronunciation.  The units cover a ser... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

French, Grade 5

The MYP French Grade 5 course introduces the students to the basics of the French language and the cultures of French-speaking countries. Lessons will include commonly used vocabulary, grammatical structures, idiomatic expressions, and pronunciation. The trimester is organized into two main units: Greetings and Hobbies. The units cover a series of topics that allow the students to learn, practice and develop their language skills, collaborate with peers, foster creative thinking, and enhance ... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Visual Arts, Grade 5 - 8

Trimester Course , Grades 5-8  Visual Arts courses in Middle School at Lausanne encourage learning around the creative cycle – an ongoing process of sensing, planning, creating and evaluating work. The Elements of Art and Principles of Design focus on developing the foundation for creative ideas. In addition, students will use various media such as drawing, painting, sculpting, handicrafts. Also, students will learn about art history and artistic techniques/processes to investig... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Introduction To Theatre Arts, Grade 5

Trimester Course    In this trimester course, 5th graders will gain experience and learn the basics of storytelling. Students will explore pantomime, audio theatre and will take a story from “page to stage” by staging and performing a Readers’ Theatre script. Students will learn basic theatre vocabulary and practices that they can build upon in later years.  Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Concert Band

This course offers the opportunity to further instrumental music or band instruction begun in Middle School. Students will also continue their study of basic music theory skills, the keyboard, and music history. As students elect to continue the study of music, the student will be presented with greater challenges technically and musically. Emphasis is placed upon technical development and authentic stylistic interpretation of literature in addition to understanding the elements of music (i.e... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Design Curriculum – Grades 5 – 8

As a part of the interdisciplinary approach within the Middle Years Programme, the Design Model is integrated into the delivery and assessment of all core subject material. Within all subjects, students will inquire and analyze, develop ideas, create solutions, and evaluate.  The Design instructor will work alongside Core Subject instructors to help support projects and labs which enhance the learning experience.   Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16