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Category: 8th grade

Percussion Ensemble

Full Year Course   This ensemble is for students in grade 7 and 8 who are not in Band Ensemble and are interested in learning techniques and performance skills on pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments. The ensemble will perform globally diverse music styles and genres, as well as, their own class composition. This course will take place during the school day and will require an on-campus performance.      Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Feb 14

Advanced Visual Art, Grades 7-8

Full-year course   This course is offered to students in grades 7 and 8 interested in expanding their learning process through visual arts. Students will explore advanced artistic techniques and methods while refining their creative skills. Also, students will explore more of a creative license to develop their creativity and interests while learning about historical  art periods and artists of the world.     Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Feb 14

English 8

Students in eighth grade Language & Literature focus on the concept of “big ideas” which takes them into lifelong adventures in learning that are both within and across disciplines and subjects. Four key ideas that have been identified as the framework for language and literature are communication, connections, creativity, and perspective, and four objectives are used to set standards for evaluation:  analysing, organizing, producing text, and using language. In Language &... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Global History, Grade 8

In Eighth Grade, our central theme is globalization. Our key focus within globalization is how trade and technology have made the world into a more connected interdependent place but has also led to worldwide conflicts and economic problems. We do this through a series of aligned historical events which are outlined in the following units of study:   The Industrial Revolution   The Age of Imperialism   World War I   The Worldwide Great Depression   ... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Math 8

Eighth Grade Math is the culminating integrated mathematics course for Middle School students to prepare them for high school level courses. The course is an integrated, spiraling approach to several branches of mathematics. It builds on what students learned in grades 5-7 mathematics courses and delves deeper into the different branches. Students further explore topics in the Number System, Expressions and Equations, Functions-this begins the formal study of functions, Geometry, and Statisti... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Physical Science, Grade 8

Physical science investigates the relationships between matter and energy, exploring introductory concepts from both physics and chemistry.  Students will be studying chemistry topics such as the structure and properties of matter, the periodic table, and chemical reactions.  Physics topics include electricity and magnetism.  Newton’s laws of motion, and energy conservation.  Throughout the course, students will continue to practice scientific inquiry including the s... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Mandarin, Grade 8

The goal of the course is for students to become proficient in the target language. More complex exercises that require good listening skills are practiced for students' understanding of dialogues by native Chinese speakers. It's expected for students to frequently present their own ideas and understand all examples in Chinese. During the various discussions about the cultural presentations, students shared their ideas and brought up inquiries about the significance of Chinese customs and the... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Spanish, Grade 8, SL and HL

In 8th grade, students are honing their linguistic skills in preparation for Upper School. This is the year in which many students progress from Novice High to Intermediate Low communicators. In order to do that, students must be willing to push themselves to communicate in Spanish and strive to immerse themselves in the language whenever possible. Although they still have a limited range of topics about which they can communicate, students will be working to go beyond using simple memorized ... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

French, Grade 8

The MYP French Grade 8 course builds upon previous levels of language acquisition and deeper cultural understanding of French-speaking countries. Lessons will include grammatical structures, commonly used vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, and pronunciation. Instruction focuses on the development of the students' speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills in French. The year is organized into main units such as: simple past, holidays, artistic expressions, daily routine and traditions. ... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Spanish I

This course incorporates the three fundamental concepts of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP): holistic learning, intercultural awareness and communication. A variety of engaging experiences will include but are not limited to direct teaching, projects, inquiry, discussions, peer evaluations, cooperative learning, differentiation, and practice through reading, writing, worksheets, games, songs, listening activities, and more. This course will introduce students ... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Visual Arts, Grade 5 - 8

Trimester Course , Grades 5-8  Visual Arts courses in Middle School at Lausanne encourage learning around the creative cycle – an ongoing process of sensing, planning, creating and evaluating work. The Elements of Art and Principles of Design focus on developing the foundation for creative ideas. In addition, students will use various media such as drawing, painting, sculpting, handicrafts. Also, students will learn about art history and artistic techniques/processes to investig... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Theatre Arts II

Trimester Course   Seventh-grade and Eighth-grade students explore theatre as a form of self and cultural expression. Through improvisation and basic playwrighting, students will learn how the theatre can serve as a narrative for the world around us.     Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Advanced Performing Arts

Full year course    This course is geared towards the student who is interested in sharpening their performing skills.  In this course, seventh and eighth grade students will experience all aspects of the performing arts.  Advanced Performing Arts students will explore singing, dancing and acting as well as analyzing theatrical literature and theatre history. Assignments will be project based.   Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Concert Band

This course offers the opportunity to further instrumental music or band instruction begun in Middle School. Students will also continue their study of basic music theory skills, the keyboard, and music history. As students elect to continue the study of music, the student will be presented with greater challenges technically and musically. Emphasis is placed upon technical development and authentic stylistic interpretation of literature in addition to understanding the elements of music (i.e... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Design Curriculum – Grades 5 – 8

As a part of the interdisciplinary approach within the Middle Years Programme, the Design Model is integrated into the delivery and assessment of all core subject material. Within all subjects, students will inquire and analyze, develop ideas, create solutions, and evaluate.  The Design instructor will work alongside Core Subject instructors to help support projects and labs which enhance the learning experience.   Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

STEAM Design Lab, Grade 7, 8

STEAM intertwines the multiple disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math into one curriculum.  Through experimentation and problem solving, students encounter real world applications of design. This unique department allows students to engage fully in every stage of the process – from conception and design to its physical production.  If students can dream the idea, STEAM possesses all the technology and tools to bring their visions to fruition.   Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16