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Category: Design

Introduction to Web Development

This course is intended to teach students the fundamentals of Web development and design through project-based learning. Students will be taught the basics of Web Development, such as web hosting, file organization, & incorporating databases to their websites using JavaScript, HTML, PHP, CSS & MySQL. Students will utilize an experimental and inquiry-based approach to problem solving, developing algorithms, & creating fully functioning web sites. By learning to design and deve... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Mar 7

Game Design 

Multimedia design is recommended before taking game design If you’ve ever been interested in creating your own game, this course is for you. Game design is about creating challenges, setting, and achieving goals, and making the world a better place. Games can bring people together or provide a private place for players to escape to. Students will work solo and in teams to create a variety of games including, but not limited to video games as they learn about digital design, audio d... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Feb 1

XR (Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality)

Multimedia design is recommended before taking XR (Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality)  Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are emerging technologies that lead to a wide variety of careers in the fields of engineering, education, games, architecture, and many others. In this course students will use a variety of cutting-edge technologies, such as the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift, to create experiences, worlds, and tools to solve problems and explore these constantly evolving ... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Feb 1

Multimedia Design

In this course students will learn the design process to create designs such as logos, digital illustration, infographics, 3d package design and web sites using online tools and professional level software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Premier. This class focuses on user centered problem solving and developing creative, innovative solutions.   Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Feb 1

Robotics Design, Grade 9, 10

Robotics is a course that focuses on different aspects of engineering problem solving and design. This introductory course gives student an idea about the integration of mechanical components, electrical devices, and programming dynamics. Mechanical and electrical components that will be used are factory manufactured, but the idea is to get hands on experience using these together. To integrate the programming field, we will use “OnBot” also the form of “Blockly” slow... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Feb 1

Co-Curricular, Grade JK - Grade 4

1st-4th grade students take part in a full 7 day co-curricular rotation, as they travel to a specialty class each school day. In addition to a STEAM class, ANTS (Acquiring New Technology Skills) LS Lynx also receive instruction from skilled specialist teachers in Art, Music and Physical Education. All Co-curricular teachers apply learning from the classroom instruction to their specialty area curriculum. Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Design Curriculum – Grades 5 – 8

As a part of the interdisciplinary approach within the Middle Years Programme, the Design Model is integrated into the delivery and assessment of all core subject material. Within all subjects, students will inquire and analyze, develop ideas, create solutions, and evaluate.  The Design instructor will work alongside Core Subject instructors to help support projects and labs which enhance the learning experience.   Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

STEAM Design Lab, Grade 7, 8

STEAM intertwines the multiple disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math into one curriculum.  Through experimentation and problem solving, students encounter real world applications of design. This unique department allows students to engage fully in every stage of the process – from conception and design to its physical production.  If students can dream the idea, STEAM possesses all the technology and tools to bring their visions to fruition.   Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Advanced STEAM

Students who sign up for this class will be considered based on previous performance in Design/STEAM.  Students must exhibit great time management, persistence when presented with a challenging task and motivation to try new things. RIOT stands for the following IB learner profiles:  risk takers, inquirers, open minded, thinkers. This course is designed for those who exhibit a passion for all things, STEAM.  Students will build, make, and destroy in order to make better, do better, be better!... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Industrial Design

This course seeks to expand student understanding of design theory as it relates to the three-dimensional world. Through a hands-on approach, students will explore modeling, carving, and assemblage while working primarily in wire, paper, Bristol board, corrugated board and foam core. Students will explore concepts of modularity, sequence and series, relief, contour, structure and symmetry. We will examine the function of space, volume, mass, plane, and line by solving design problems. The mai... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Product Design & Development

This course explores the interdisciplinary aspects of product design and development. Topics include human-centered design, concept generation, classical design, Eco-design, material science, design-for-manufacturing, and design-for-disassembly. Approaches to marketing, design, and manufacturing will be emphasized. By completing hands-on projects, students will gain an appreciation for multiple industrial practices and for the essential roles played by various members of product development t... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Programming As A Second Language

This is a first-year course in programming and introduces students to the concepts of data types, methods, and variables. Topics include conditional statements and loops, along with both searching and sort algorithms. The mechanics of running, testing and debugging code will be discussed. Students will learn to think through algorithms by both daily formative assignments and larger summative coding projects. No prior coding experience is necessary.    Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Yearbook Design

Students in this course will explore and apply the history, elements, principles, and aesthetics of two-dimensional design technology as well as classical tools and processes to execute a real-world product for publication, the Lausanne Yearbook, Horizons. Students who apply for this course will be required to attend some activities outside of normal school hours, for a grade, and also sell ads for the publication. Students are also encouraged to own their own digital cameras.  Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

DP Design Technology SL

with departmental approval and prior experience IB Design Technology is a multi-disciplinary course that draws on areas of knowledge that includes science, business, and art. Students will learn and delve into a complete design research and strategy, culminating in the creation of a product. Students will have the option to further develop their product into a company offering that will be created in other classes at Lausanne. They will learn the marketing and feasibility of new products... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16