Earth Science, Grade 6
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Earth Science, Grade 6

Sixth-grade students will be learning Earth and Space Science. As a part of the course, students will be using multiple sources, but their primary textbook is the McGraw-Hill Earth and Space IScience Online Textbook (2017). The Earth and Space Curricula includes three major sections: Geology, Weather and Climate, and Space. Throughout the year, students will actively engage in these three topics in conjunction with the MYP Year 1 science curriculum. While exploring geology, students will have the opportunity to explore major geologic topics including, but not limited to, the rock cycle, mineral and rock identification, geologic mapping, plate tectonics, geologic time, landforms, volcanoes, and earthquakes. As a part of the weather and climate section of the class, students will explore the water cycle, weather, climate, freshwater and saltwater settings, and natural resources. Finally, as a part of the space section of the course, students will explore the Sun-Earth-Moon system, the solar system, and stars and galaxies.
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