English 7
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English 7

Students in seventh grade Language & Literature focus on the four Language Arts components: writing, reading, speaking and listening. Students in this course are expected to do the following: engage in independent, self-selected readings as well as teacher-assigned readings; read for meaning and thematic analysis in literature; make associations and connections between literature and real-world concepts; learn to analyze different types of selections (such as short stories, novels, primary source documents, biographies, informational literature, and other non-fiction); increase vocabulary skills, and be able to evaluate and draw inferences from informational text using a variety of sources and media. 
Students are also expected to self and peer edit multiple genres of writing. Students will write persuasive compositions where they support their claims with evidence, explain the purpose of using certain evidence, and properly use MLA format regarding format and in-text citations. Students will also practice summarizing, responding to literature, and other skills related to their journey towards becoming prepared for the eighth grade in compliance with the MYP standards. Students will study grammar and syntax to increase verbal and written skills. Students will also practice their discourse and strategic competence in speaking and listening comprehension skills through their active listening skills, which are composed of several stages; receiving, understanding, evaluating, remembering, and responding to information received through the vocal transmission. 

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