Math 6
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Math 6

Sixth Grade Math focuses primarily on four areas. First, the sixth-grade math student will continue to build on fifth-grade fractional concepts and relationships and expand on their understanding of fractional division. In addition, the student will extend their understanding of the number system and quantities to include working with rational numbers such as signed integers. They will also apply reasoning about order and absolute value with regard to the location on the coordinate plane. Also, the sixth-grade math student can expect to connect ratio and rate to whole number multiplication and division concepts in order to solve problems. Working on writing, interpreting, solving, and applying expressions and equations will be introduced in the sixth-grade math classroom, as well. This includes topics such as properties of operations, variables and equivalency. Finally, the sixth-grade math student will begin to develop their ability to think statistically by exploring measures of central tendency, measures of variability and data distribution. The HL course works at a faster pace and delves deeper into each topic.  

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