Physical Science, Grade 8
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Physical Science, Grade 8

This course is a preparatory science course for Upper School physics and chemistry. The students will be reintroduced to scientific inquiry, including the scientific method, hypothesis writing, and experimental design. There will be an emphasis on critical thinking of experimental design and the peer-review process. Throughout the course, students will gain hands-on experience in scientific measurement, the use of laboratory equipment, basic science related math, and how to be safe in a school laboratory. After general science basics, the students will begin with an introduction to physics that will start with describing and calculating motion and forces, then move through an introduction to Newton's laws of motion and simple machines. Units on Energy and Matter will be transition units on the way to the chemistry portion of the course. Students will learn about the periodic table, the basics of chemical reactions, acids and bases, and will touch on some life chemistry before finishing the year with another physics unit on electricity and magnetism.   
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