Physics SL
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Physics SL

Prerequisite: Chemistry HLChemistry Studies (11th and 12th), Chemistry SL (11th & 12th)

Physics SL provides a broad overview of introductory level physics topics that include: one-dimensional and two-dimensional motion (or projectile motion) with motion graphs, classical mechanics and analysis using Newton’s laws, conservation of momentum, conservation of energy, work and power, simple harmonic motion, electricity, simple circuits, magnetism, optics, special relativity and basic engineering principles. Students will focus on concepts using basic problem solving skills, involving introductory level algebra and trigonometry. Excel spreadsheet programming is introduced and used as a data analysis and graphing tool. Laboratory exercises and projects (such as the egg-drop project and the mouse-trap car project) are an integral part of the course and provide a basis for student-centered interaction and application of real-world physics principles introduced in lecture.

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