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Literacy, JK

Building on skills learned in PK3, our Junior Kindergarten students focus on phonemic awareness authentically through daily classroom routines and activities. Additionally, they learn to recognize and spell snap words and high-frequency sight words, understand rhyming words, and express their learning through pictures and sentences in writing journals. Students also participate in morning meeting messages from teachers to students and daily read-aloud books and independent book choices. Commu... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Math, JK

In Junior Kindergarten, math skills include building on previous knowledge. By taking number recognition and counting to a new level, students apply their learning and explore deeper concepts such as operations, measurement, graphing, higher level patterning, and positions and spatial relationships. All of this is taught through both direct instruction small group lessons and incorporated organically in daily routines such as group time, work time, and free play with classroom manipulatives. ... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

Science, PK3 - SK

In PK3-SK, science is incorporated into the Units of Inquiry. When applicable, our science expert, Dr. Frassinelli, visits the EC classes and participates in experiments with them in their classrooms. Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16

World Languages, PK3 - SK

Lausanne students benefit from daily language instruction. Understanding that the young brain learns new languages at a much higher rate than older, our early childhood students receive daily language instruction. In grades PK-SK, students receive daily Mandarin and Spanish from native speakers. Our world language teachers follow the learning goals of ACTFL (American Council on Teaching of Foreign Language). These national standards are taught under through the “5 C’s”- Comm... Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Aug 16