Daily Focus
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Daily Focus

Middle Schoolers begin each day with the Daily Focus, a curriculum that allows students to expand their social and emotional skills during a daily session. 

  See how the Daily Focus helps students understand the emotions they experience.

Students start their morning by meeting for ten minutes in their advisories for activities that foster self-reflection and vital self-management and social and communication skills.

Each trimester students will follow different lessons that provide positive social and emotional tools. Students will engage with various activities each week in their advisories that align with the current lesson plan.

The Daily Focus is a continuing step in giving students at Lausanne the best possible learning experience and will accommodate the Mindful Moments that begin each Middle School class period. 

Children in today’s society live in an accelerated culture, and at this stage of their development, they are going through significant changes on the physical, emotional, psychological, and social levels. With that in mind, we use the Daily Focus as an opportunity to cultivate their social, emotional, and executive functioning skills. We are confident that they will attain life-long skills from this innovative program, which will benefit them both inside and outside the classroom.