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The essential goal is to support student well-being and academic development during a significant disruption to our daily operations for an extended period. We also want to ensure that we continue to foster student learning without being able to meet our students in person. 

After using distance learning this spring, our teachers are working on improving the experience, including more live and recorded classroom time. While these plans will continue to be updated and improved as we move forward, we wanted to share them with you so your family would know what to expect.

The Lausanne way online
Our plan for online classes strives to bring Lausanne's educational experience into a virtual learning setting by following the Lausanne Way.
  • We create a joyful and challenging learning process.
    Like with our classes on campus, online learning at Lausanne utilizes differentiated learning for students, with curriculums and processes developed to address students of different ages and abilities. 
  • We encourage continual self-reflection.
    Giving our students the ability to understand their strengths and limitations aids them in their growth. Evaluation and accountability give needed structure, especially when they are experiencing stressful situations. Our teachers will continue to innovate, looking for ways to improve the student experience.
  • We provide opportunities to succeed.
    Creating differentiated learning opportunities and innovative lessons for children and youth of all ages in an online environment builds their abilities and confidence. 
  • We embrace global mindedness.
    Group lessons and discussions with their peers allows students to understand viewpoints outside of their own. The students enjoy learning from one another during these online discussions and find their own beliefs strengthened by their peers' respect.
  • We forge meaningful relationships.
    Boys and girls thrive in co-educational settings, developing confidence by collaborating virtually and openly sharing their thoughts and opinions while respecting others' viewpoints. Virtual group meetings for advisory and SEL discussions build relationships between classmates. Online, one-on-one sessions with teachers, learning specialists and counselors create a wide-reaching support network for each child.
  • We build character through service to others.
    As open-minded, global citizens, Lausanne students have a strong sense of fairness, justice and respect for other individuals, communities and the environment and strongly consider their impact on the world around them.
  • We empower individuals to seek their own journeys.
    Group activities with their peers and one-on-one interaction with teachers and staff prepare students to face future challenges and make the world a better place for all.
As parents, students, teachers and faculty realized in the spring: recreating the Lausanne experience online proved challenging. Understanding the goal to "be better tomorrow than we are today," our teachers have developed plans for each division to mirror the on-campus experience this fall. 
divisional plans for Distance learning