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April Diversity & Inclusion Task Force Meeting Scheduled

The Diversity & Inclusion Task Force will meet again on Wednesday, April 7 to review all data from the Student Diversity and Inclusion survey. Dr. Anderson is currently analyzing all summary data and reviewing individual responses received by these students in the 7 th  – 12 th  grades. The survey was completed by over 350 students. Secondly, the first week of April, the Task Force will send out a Diversity & Inclusion Survey to all faculty and staff with that data... Read More
at Thursday, March 18, 2021

Listening Sessions Completed by Task Force

Lausanne’s Diversity & Inclusion Task Force has completed listening sessions with all faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, volunteer leadership boards and current parents. At the November and December meeting, members of the Task Force’s working groups presented their final recommendations for changes to Lausanne’s Commitment to Diversity statement and Lausanne’s dress code, discipline, language appropriateness and social media policies. All shared recommendations... Read More
at Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Inclusion Vision Statement Adopted by Board

This Board Diversity and Inclusion Vision Statement was adopted and approved by the Lausanne Board of Trustees on November 12, 2020: Inclusion Vision Statement  The Board of Trustees expressly affirms its celebration of each individual’ s  different beliefs, and most importantly the crucial need to listen. Statements to support Vision We are committed to building a model inclusive community that embraces diverse values, opinions, beliefs,... Read More
at Monday, November 30, 2020

Minutes From The November Meeting Now Available

The minutes for the November meeting of the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force are now available on our website.  Click here. Read More
Posted by Steven Russell at Wednesday, November 11, 2020

July Update

The Diversity & Inclusion Task Force   will have its first meeting this evening. As we shared last week,  the notes from these meetings will be made available to everyone  on our website   in the days that follow each of these meetings.  Based on their recommendations, we will begin  community listening sessions  in the coming months with the assistance of Dr. Noma Anderson. Dr. Anderson also held a  diversity & inclusion... Read More
at Wednesday, July 8, 2020