April Diversity & Inclusion Task Force Meeting Scheduled
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Diversity & Inclusion News

April Diversity & Inclusion Task Force Meeting Scheduled

The Diversity & Inclusion Task Force will meet again on Wednesday, April 7 to review all data from the Student Diversity and Inclusion survey.

Dr. Anderson is currently analyzing all summary data and reviewing individual responses received by these students in the 7th – 12th grades. The survey was completed by over 350 students. Secondly, the first week of April, the Task Force will send out a Diversity & Inclusion Survey to all faculty and staff with that data analysis to immediately follow in preparation for the Task Force’s May meeting. The student representatives of the Task Force are currently finishing their proposal for Lausanne Culture Awareness Groups, or what is commonly referred to as affinity clubs in most independent schools.

On April 8, the Board of Trustees will receive a formal update from Dr. Anderson on the Task Force’s progress. This will include but is not limited to a final analysis of the listening sessions data, the Task Force’s working groups’ findings, the student survey analysis, the student government’s proposal for Cultural Awareness Groups and the plans for the faculty and staff survey. She will also share the remaining timeline for the Task Force’s finishing their final report.