July Update
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Diversity & Inclusion News

July Update

The Diversity & Inclusion Task Force will have its first meeting this evening. As we shared last week, the notes from these meetings will be made available to everyone on our website in the days that follow each of these meetings. 

Based on their recommendations, we will begin community listening sessions in the coming months with the assistance of Dr. Noma Anderson. Dr. Anderson also held a diversity & inclusion workshop with our Board of Trustees last night, and will be leading our faculty and staff, parents, alumni and students through similar workshops soon.

We have seen an overwhelming response from the Lausanne community asking to be involved in our diversity and inclusion initiatives. Several sub-committees are being formed in order to gather information and insights from all of our constituency groups. If you'd like to volunteer for one of the sub-committees, or have any other feedback you'd like to share with the task force, please let us know by using the form here.