Campus Diversity & Inclusion
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Diversity & Inclusion

As a diverse community comprised of students from different communities and cultures worldwide, Lausanne is committed to creating an inclusive environment for all. Doing so requires us to be intentional and help make connections that increase our understanding and value of one another's perspectives.

Lausanne is a community that will never tolerate any form of discrimination, intolerance or​ ignorance from its students, faculty/staff/administration, parents or any other Lausanne​ community members. We promote diversity and inclusion within all areas of our community.​ Therefore, as an educational institution, Lausanne’s goal is to foster a community that evokes positive change in the world.

Lausanne is committed to creating an inclusive environment that celebrates differences and​ promotes dialogue through various perspectives.​

We continually practice this objective through facilitating education on, exposure to and​ engagement with diverse perspectives within the Lausanne community, the greater Memphis area and the world at large.

Lausanne Diversity & Inclusion Council​

Some examples of the work of this Council​

  • Act as division and department liaisons to the Council.​

  • Develop specific divisional and departmental action plans under the guidance of senior administration, Upper School Dean for Student Affairs & Inclusion and the Director of Human Resources.​

  • Collaborate with and provide feedback to senior administration, student and alumni diversity and inclusion clubs, Councils and Boards.​

  • Advocate for the inclusion of diverse perspectives in the classroom and the school community​

  • Create a safe school culture that is inclusive and respectful of all.​​

Middle School faculty who serve on this Council:​ Ms. Whitmore, Ms. Pirani, Ms. Whitehorn and Ms. Shea

Upper School SGA ​ Diversity & Inclusion Representatives​
  • Each grade level chair reflects Lausanne’s racially and culturally diverse student body and is voted on by the Upper School student body​
  • Responsible for overseeing the schedule and content for select convocation speakers whose topics are geared towards diversity, equity and inclusion​
  • Responsible for their respective grade level as well as two (2) clubs, with an emphasis on the Cultural Awareness clubs​
  • Meets with Assistant Head of US monthly as a group ​
  • Will suggest grade level as well as cross-grade level collaborations​
  • Elected each May, serving a 1-year term.​
  • Each Diversity & Inclusion Chair (with the support of a faculty/staff sponsor) will also oversee a Cultural Awareness & Identity (CAI) Club(s):​
  • Make recommendations for what CAI clubs Lausanne should establish each year to the Assistant Head​
  • Leads a chosen CAI club(s)​
  • Ensure that the CAI club content is educational, informative and aids in inviting presenters and speakers depending on discussion topics to the Forum​
  • Minutes should be taken and posted after each meeting ​
  • At  monthly meetings with Assistant Head, chairs should report on CAI club(s) content and make recommendations for the progression of content, as well as upcoming presenters for convocation
Upper School​ SGA Cultural Awareness & Identity (CAI) ​Clubs​
  • Arabic Club​
  • Bible Studies Club​
  • Black Girl Awareness ​
  • East Asian Society Club​
  • Gay/Straight Alliance Club ​
  • World Religions Club​
  • Exploring Culture Through Food​