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Gifts Of Securities

An easy way to make a gift to Lausanne Collegiate School is with a gift of stocks or other types of securities. Securities which have appreciated in value and which you have held for more than one year are an especially attractive gift because you are allowed to take a charitable deduction for the full market value and, at the same time, avoid taxes on your capital gains. In order to qualify for this benefit, you must donate your stock directly to the school prior to sale.

If you are interested in making this kind of donation, please contact the Development Office (below) and we would be happy to forward more detailed information to you. You can also mail us the stock certificate with a signed stock power for each certificate.

Tax benefits are also possible through the donation of stocks that have lost value over time. As in all matters regarding your individual tax liability, we recommend contacting a qualified tax advisor. For further information, email Michael Christopher or call 901.474.1045.