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Grade Eight Curriculum

Eighth grade is an exciting year preparing students for their upcoming adventure into Upper School.

Through an overnight team building trip, leadership opportunities in our Houses program and an array of community service projects, students grow as both learners and global citizens.

As students enter eighth grade, their course options begin to grow with foreign language choices, elective choices and Upper School courses as options.

  • Language arts in the eighth grade focuses on a review of grammatical elements in the form of application and synthesis. Students become skillful interpreters of the persuasive strategies used in mass media to better understand their places in the real world.
  • Middle school mathematics uses an integrated approach that will deliver a complete and rigorous course in mathematics. Students will have experiences with algebraic reasoning, geometry, data analysis, and statics. In addition, throughout each course students will explore and examine topics that will provide opportunities for them to develop the traits contained in the 10 Learner Profiles of the MYP.

    Math 8 is an integration of algebraic skills and geometric reasoning in order to prepare to solve problems correctly in a variety of contexts. Students will also verify and justify these relationships. Towards the end of the course, students will be able to communicate complete and coherent mathematical lines of reasoning.
  • Eighth grade World Humanities focuses on large themes of global historical change and how they have led, supported and complicated the concept of globalization.
  • Physical science provides students with an introduction to the study of physical science and preparation for more advanced studies in chemistry and physics. Students are encouraged to express their thoughts, predictions and conclusions not only in writing but also through oral and artistic presentations.
  • French IB provides a realistic balance among all language skill areas - speaking, listening, reading and writing - to develop proficiency.
  • Spanish IB students will acquire a practical working knowledge of Spanish pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar while exploring Hispanic cultures, history and geography.
  • In conjunction with the Confucius Institute at the University of Memphis, our Middle School students are offered Mandarin as one of their language options. Students work to develop their proficiency in this language by working on their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, while exploring the Chinese culture.
  • As a means of preparation for our International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in the Upper School, all eighth grade students will participate in a year-long, multidisciplinary thesis project. This endeavor will allow students to explore their academic passions and interests, while strengthening their research skills, analytical thinking and writing abilities.
  • Eighth grade students may enroll in our year long beginner band program or our Michelangelo Project or they can opt for our fine arts carouselduring which students will take a semester of art, choir, and drama over a period of two years. All students will be enrolled in a year long, dailyphysical education / health course.