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Grade Five Curriculum

"All for one and one for all!” is our fifth grade creed.

Fifth grade is a year of transition from Lower School to Middle School and it takes team players to make that transition successful. Fifth grade students exemplify this motto in everything they do from making scarecrows for the Pumpkin Carnival to participating in the campaign against bullying. They learn to work together and to help each other have a great year. The teaching team’s goal is to create helpful independent thinkers who are academically, socially and emotionally well-adjusted.

Academic curriculum covered in the fifth grade encompasses the whole child, beginning with core and elective courses.

  • The fifth grade language arts curriculum focuses on grammar, mechanics and usage, emphasizing an organized and logical approach to sentence, paragraph and composition structure.
  • Middle school mathematics uses an integrated approach that will deliver a complete and rigorous course in mathematics. Students will have experiences with algebraic reasoning, geometry, data analysis, and statics. In addition, throughout each course students will explore and examine topics that will provide opportunities for them to develop the traits contained in the 10 Learner Profiles of the MYP.
    In Math 5, students will further develop their mathematical skills by using their ability to reason and think mathematically, problem solve and correctly determine which tools are needed to solve investigations on a global scale.


  • All 5th graders will enroll in an Extended Advisory Program. This program focuses on: study skills, time management team building exercises, enrichment and support opportunities, etc. It serves a scaffolded transition into the Middle School experience.
  • The fifth grade science course helps students consider the essence of scientific discovery. Using the scientific method, students study our solar system, earth and its oceans and natural resources and weather systems, as well as the basic laws of physics and all living things.
  • The Spanish course focuses on solidifying the student's word base and combining the words into simple sentences. As they study the language, they also begin exploring areas of the world where the language is spoken.
  • In conjunction with the Confucius Institute at the University of Memphis, our Middle School students are offered Mandarin as one of their language options. Students work to develop their proficiency in this language by working on their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, while exploring the Chinese culture.
  • The purpose of the fifth grade French course is to introduce and to foster appreciation of various aspects of French language and culture to beginning students. The course will focus primarily on the acquisition of speaking, writing and listening skills. These skills will be enhanced through the application of activities such as game play, videos, skits, creating cartoons, and writing stories. Several cultural events (la chandeleur, la fête des rois, mardi gras, le poisson d'avril, etc...) will be celebrated in class as well. Students will also start exploring the Francophone world through the use of technology in class and at home.
  • Fifth grade students may enroll in our year long beginner band program or can opt for our fine arts carousel during which students will take a semester of art, music appreciation, and drama over a period of two years. All students will be enrolled in a year long, daily physical education / health course.