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Grade Six Curriculum

Sixth grade is a time for changes, a time to discover more about ourselves and working with each other.

Through challenges such as participating in local community service projects, conducting the trial of Dallas Winston, creating a top-notch science fair project and learning important academics in community, we develop our leadership skills, learn the importance of teamwork, discover our potential and grow in responsibility and confidence to make good choices!

  • Language arts in sixth grade is designed to further students' comprehension and mastery of grammatical, syntactical, structural and reading comprehension skills while exploring three aspects of character: individuality, acceptance and self- and social transformation.
  • Middle school mathematics uses an integrated approach that will deliver a complete and rigorous course in mathematics. Students will have experiences with algebraic reasoning, geometry, data analysis, and statics. In addition, throughout each course students will explore and examine topics that will provide opportunities for them to develop the traits contained in the 10 Learner Profiles of the MYP.
    Math 6 emphasizes problem solving, proficiency and confidence in mathematical ability. Students will begin to develop independent thinking when determining which path to take when applying their skills on a global level.
  • The social studies curriculum for sixth grade is an inquiry based exploration of world geography and culture. It is designed to build and extend essential geographic literacy skills to develop advanced throught and reasoning.
  • The purpose of the sixth grade science course is to provide the students with an introduction to and an understanding of the many natural processes in the world around them. The course includes units on geology, plate tectonics, oceanography and astronomy.
  • The Spanish course is a continuation of the fifth grade program. Students expand their vocabulary base and construct more complex sentences. They also examine different aspects of Spanish culture including film, holiday celebrations, food, art, music, geography and literature.
  • In conjunction with the Confucius Institute at the University of Memphis, our Middle School students are offered Mandarin as one of their language options. Students work to develop their proficiency in this language by working on their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, while exploring the Chinese culture.
  • The French course is designed to introduce students to these languages by introducing basic vocabulary and grammar and by looking at different features of the languages and cultures including film, holiday celebrations, food, art, music, geography, literature.
  • Sixth grade students may enroll in our year long beginner band program or can opt for our fine arts carousel during which students will take a semester of art, music appreciation, and/or drama over a period of two years. All students will be enrolled in a year long, daily physical education / health course.