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Lausanne is a private/independent, co-ed, preschool-12th grade, International Baccalaureate World School in Memphis, Tennessee. We provide an innovative college preparatory curriculum in a student-centered, globally diverse and joyful community. Lausanne embraces diversity, and annually, we have at least 55 different countries represented in our student body.

We welcome international students to apply for admission to Lausanne and have accommodations to help international students in their transition to Lausanne, including English as Additional Language classes and tutoring for every grade level as well as help in coordinating Upper School homestays.

Many of our international students benefit from participation in our English as an Additional Language program to build proficiency for success in the classroom. In some cases, participation in this program is required based on observation in the admission process and/or observation after enrollment at Lausanne.

The English as an Additional Language Program classes and tutoring are an additional cost to the tuition, activity and lunch fees and can be found listed on the Tuition & Fee Schedule as well as the enrollment contract.

To learn more about Lausanne admission, please visit our admissions website and review the application steps. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at or 901-474-1030


Online Application

The first step in the admission process is to submit an online application (if you already know your username and password, you make access the portal here) . You will need to create a user name and password to access the online application. Should you have a problem submitting the online version, we suggest completing the online application and printing a copy. You may then scan and e-mail the application to

Admission Forms

We will need the following documents and information sent to the Lausanne Admission Office (these documents can be mailed, faxed and/or emailed):

  • Complete transcripts, including your current year, test scores and any other academic credentials. All documents must come to Lausanne both in the original language as well as an official English translated version.
  • A grading key explaining the interpretation of the grading system on the transcript.
  • Teacher recommendations in both Math and Science. If these are not in English please submit two copies, the original and another translated into English.
  • One personal recommendation from another adult mentor, such as a counselor, religious leader, music instructor or athletic coach.
  • Each applicant for the 5th through 12th grade should complete the Student Questionnaire/Essay.
Admission Assessment

If a student has not studied English as a first language, we will not require an assessment as part of the admission process. An assessment is required for students in PK through 11th grades who wish to be advanced out of required English as an Additional Language classes or tutoring.

Students in PK through 8th grades who wish to be advanced out of the English as an Additional Language class or tutoring must take and pass the admission entrance test in English for their grade level. Students in grades 9th-12th grades who wish to be advanced out of the English as an Additional Language class must take and pass the Independent School Entrance Exam or Upper School English proficiency test (determined by the division) and score a minimum of 70 on the TOEFL. Tutoring may still be required of the 9th-12th grade students who have advanced out of the English as an Additional Language class.

Language Assessment and Skype Interview

PK – 4th Grade Applicants

The need for English as an Additional Language tutoring in PK through 4th grade applicants will be evaluated through conversation with parents, school records and observation upon arrival to Lausanne.

5th – 11th Grade Applicants

Each international student applicant for the 5th -11th grades will have a Skype interview with our English as an Additional Language Coordinator and the head of the division. You may schedule your interview by contacting the admission office, or 901-474-1030.


If a student is applying to the 9th-11th grades and will be in need of a host family to live with they must alert the admission office as soon as possible to begin the homestay application and to learn more about the host family monthly fee.

If a student is accepted to Lausanne Collegiate School, please expect the following steps:
  • To enroll, parents will be asked to sign an enrollment contract and to submit a deposit and one-time matriculation fee. The contract can be submitted online or by signing, scanning and emailing the contract to The deposit is the first payment towards tuition. Please see Tuition & Fees for details.
  • Once enrolled, students needing an I-20 for their visa application will receive a draft of the I-20 for proofing. Once approved, the I-20 will be signed and shipped to the student for use in the visa application process. If the visa is denied, the deposit will be refunded and the student will be allowed to withdraw from their contract. Visa denial is the only option for a deposit refund and withdrawal. Other withdrawal options and the Tuition Refund Policy are listed on the enrollment contract.
  • Please see the Tuition & Fee Schedule for total cost of tuition, activity and lunch fees as well as the Tuition Refund Policy. The Tuition & Fee Schedule is also listed on the enrollment contract. \
  • Students studying at Lausanne independently of their parents are required to select the single-payment tuition option as well as the Tuition Refund Policy.

Upon arrival, students studying independently of their parents are required to provide copies of the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Signed I-20
  • Health Certificate (within the first 30 days of classes) from a licensed U.S. Physician or other qualified U.S. medical authority as well as an updated shot record that includes inoculation with the live measles vaccine (MMR).
  • Proof of Health Insurance Policy. If you are unsure of where to purchase a policy, you may be interested in exploring the policy provided by Independent School Management.
  • During their 9th -12th grade years, students should expect to take the TOEFL exam in preparation for the college and university application process. The TOEFL is not required for admission to Lausanne. Students who have taken the TOEFL may send their scores to Lausanne for consideration of English as an Additional Language class and tutoring placement.