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Internship Program

Students experience first-hand how their personal efforts can make an impact on the community in which they live.

During the second week of school each fall Lausanne’s sophomore and senior students participate in week long internships. Sophomores intern for non-profits while seniors head to the corporate realm, with all students completing a full week of internships.

The world of college admission is becoming more competitive every year. Internships add a different dimension to students' résumés as they prepare for the college application process. Not only do the internships give our students a chance to explore and use their talents and skills in a unique setting, they also importantly teach them how to market their skills.

Whether the students' internships takes place in Memphis, Tenn. or New York City, the experiences give our Lynx a different perspective on life. Students connect many of their daily lessons towards practical application and are up to the challenge of going outside of their comfort zones. Undiscovered talents or skills have the opportunity to come to life in the right internship environment, and adversely, students may find that their once thought of dream careers might not be the best match with their talents.

The internship experience gives our students a unique aspect to share with their prospective colleges during their campus visits. The sampling of different career paths through these internships also brings focus to potential college majors. Admission representatives want to talk with students that know more than just schools colors or their mascots. Our students will have in-depth questions about majors, research and internship experiences on the college level.

The vision and implementation for this program is just one more way our school is committed to preparing our students for college and for life in a global environment.