Lausanne Upper School For The Global School Audience
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Lausanne Upper School For The Global School Audience

Lausanne Global School students in Upper School benefit from critical thinking, research and communication skills. Our goal is to develop students who are global-minded, collaborative, empathetic and active learners with the intellect and skills to pursue lives of purpose and meaning. Virtual activities and community service experiences aim to help students develop their potential, explore their own learning preferences, take appropriate risks, and reflect on, and develop, a strong sense of personal identity. 

Through this self-reflection as well as the completion of most graduation requirements within their first two years of study in the Upper School, students are better able to design their schedules in the 11th and 12th grades to develop their individual skill sets and interests and to enhance admittance to their preferred colleges and universities. Access to faculty advisors, virtual peer groups and a structured four-year college advising process provide the global student the support, guidance and self-reflection opportunities to attend their individual college or university of choice.

Due to pedagogical requirements, the IB does not allow schools to offer their courses online. However, during the pandemic, Lausanne developed a model for its students that allowed students both an online and in-person experience, satisfying the requirements of the IB. Students would learn content online, then come to school for the required in-person components, such as oral assessments, scientific experiments, and the IB external assessments. Lausanne can work with the partner institution to build classes that deliver IB content online, then sponsor students for a visa to host them on campus in April and May of each school year to satisfy the in-person requirements.

Lausanne would provide homestays for each student, enabling them to experience aspects of the American high school experience, such as Prom, Spirit Weeks, and other traditions.

The school would use Lausanne's curriculum and pedagogical resources, managed by a Head of Academics hired by Lausanne. The school would undergo accreditation from the Council of International Schools and apply for authorization to offer the International Baccalaureate Programme using Lausanne's extensive experience in both.

The rest of the administrative structure would depend on the specific model being followed.

Curricular Structure

Lausanne and the partner institution would build an IB offering that satisfies both local requirements and college admission requirements for American universities. Courses would be taught by both local and international educators, depending on the needs of the curriculum.

Sample selection of classes for 11th grade:

  • IB Language and Literature SL Year 1
  • IB Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches HL Year 1
  • IB Chemistry HL Year 1
  • IB Physics HL Year 1 OR IB Business HL Year 1
  • IB History SL Year 1
  • IB Language Acquisition SL Year 1 (Language determined by local requirements)
  • Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay, and Creativity, Activity, and Service