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Lausanne School Library

The Lausanne Collegiate School Library is a 25,000 square foot learning commons completed in 2010 accommodating activities before, during and after school hours. With over 17,000 titles, our library serves the curricular and personal reading interests of the Lausanne community. The library also includes a coffee bar, spaces for collaborative and team learning, a Lower School reading corner, five classrooms, and a new Innovation Lab for cutting edge presentations and knowledge production. Technology and library faculty and staff are on hand in the building. The library also offers a variety of types and levels of online resources, available 24/7 through the school’s library website.


The Library at Lausanne Collegiate School seeks to provide students, faculty, parents and other members of the Lausanne community with resources to support educational goals, to encourage life-long learning and a love of reading, and to prepare students to fulfill their potential in college and in the global community.

Library Hours

  • Monday - 7:30-5:00
  • Tuesday - 7:30-5:00
  • Wednesday - 7:30-5:00
  • Thursday - 7:30-5:00
  • Friday - 7:30-5:00

Contact Information

1381 West Massey Road
Memphis, TN 38120
(901) 474-1014