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Lower School Music

Lausanne Lower School music instruction is as diverse as the student body. Being this diverse also means there is a diversity of creative thought. This is reflected not only in the styles of music we study, but also the means of experiences used to understand and appreciate music intellectually. Often when we learn songs from other countries, there are students who have a first hand experience with the song or the language or both. Parents and teachers sometimes share songs and dances from their homeland. And yes, we love learning about American music genres also!
Early Childhood students begin at the beginning where their music learning is enjoyably explorative with a focus on introductory concepts such as pitch matching, pulse and simple movement. As they continue through their lower school education, the children experience a higher level of difficulty and gain a deeper understanding of the elements of music – melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre and form. Our concerts are planned to be a true reflection of their learning and love of music. While preparing for the Grandparents & Friends Day performance, singing and movement are the activities used to understand these elements. At the annual Lausannia concert, the children demonstrate their music growth in many creative ways in addition to singing. Instruments, voices and movement are an expression of the children’s understanding of music elements throughout the Orff-Schulwerk approach.

Each year there are two major lower school music performances, Grandparents & Friends Day and Lausannia (PK – fourth grades). In addition, there are special events such as Artsfest-Sportsfest and Artists at Play. Not to mention other music opportunities outside of class time – Night of Broadway, Conservatory Recitals, Lower School Musical. Our concerts have included American folksongs, world music from nearly every continent, student created puppet movies in conjunction with lower school visual arts class and popular music covering Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Country, Calypso and Folk. There are no shortages of opportunities for PK3-4th grade children to shine musically.