Lynx Travel
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Lynx Travel

Lynx Travel exists to extend the Lausanne 360° mission beyond state lines and international borders. 

We believe that providing our students with opportunities to learn through travel promotes global involvement while encouraging them to explore their personal talents and interests.

To facilitate this mission, the Lynx Travel coordinator works with teachers to design and promote domestic and international study tours that take place during summer, fall and spring breaks.

Open primarily to students in grades 7 to 12, trip offerings vary annually but are consistently broad in scope, spanning the spectrum from curriculum-based study tours to service-oriented community projects to culture/language immersion stays.

Whether it is living with a host family in the south of Spain, learning about water ecology on a rafting trip in Colorado, or stepping into the history on a WWII study trip to Japan, our students are embarking on journeys that expand world knowledge and inspire passionate and engaged learning.