Lynx Travel
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Lynx Travel

Lynx Travel exists to extend the Lausanne 360° mission beyond state lines and international borders. 

We believe that providing our students with opportunities to learn through travel promotes global involvement while encouraging them to explore their personal talents and interests.

To facilitate this mission, the Lynx Travel coordinator works with teachers to design and promote domestic and international study tours that take place during summer, fall and spring breaks.

Open primarily to students in grades 7 to 12, trip offerings vary annually but are consistently broad in scope, spanning the spectrum from curriculum-based study tours to service-oriented community projects to culture/language immersion stays.

Whether it is living with a host family in the south of Spain, learning about water ecology on a rafting trip in Colorado, or stepping into the history on a WWII study trip to Japan, our students are embarking on journeys that expand world knowledge and inspire passionate and engaged learning.

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Upcoming Trips

Lynx Travel 2023-2024


December 14 - 22, 2023

Perhaps no other place in the world lures the imagination more than the wonders of Egypt. The pyramids were already more than 2000 years old to the Romans, and the layers of history that have been built since could fill volumes of history books. From Arab invaders to Napoleon Bonaparte, everyone has been enticed by the pyramids, temples, and grand majestic Nile. Come join us for a trip of a lifetime!

Belize: CAS Project

March 10 - 17, 2024

Students will complete their CAS projects, in partnership with Santa Elena Primary School, in San Ignacio, Belize. This is an opportunity to complete a project that fulfills the true nature of what a CAS project is intended to be - something that is truly needed, and something that has a lasting effect on a population that spans beyond the IB student's tenure as an IB student. Students will have the opportunity to engage with Belizean students and culture, and they will enjoy Mayan ruins along with other Belizean adventures in their down time. It is an amazing experience!

Costa Rica: Spanish Immersion

June 1-14, 2024

A unique Spanish language immersion experience where first, as a group, students experience the amazing beauty of Costa Rica from ziplining in the rainforest to visiting local markets. During the second part of the trip, students stay with a local host family developing their Spanish-speaking skills and experiencing the beauty of the culture. It is an unforgettable experience!

Puerto Rico

June 2024

Middle school sudents will explore the diverse ecosystems and vibrant culture of Puerto Rico. From caving in the Camuy Caverns, hiking El Yunque National Forest, to snorkeling the reef in La Parguera, students will enjoy a variety of flora and fauna. The city of San Juan will provide cultural experiences including a Puerto Rican dance lesson, a cooking lesson, and a historical tour of El Morro. 


June 2024

Get ready adventure seekers! This family trip will take you outdoors through three regions of Panama. Along with their parent(s), students grade 5 through 12 will take a bike tour of Panama City and the Panama Canal, zip line through the rain forest, go canyon swimming, spend a day snorkeling at Bolanos Island , build a mud hut in a local community, and spend a last day relaxing at the famous Iguana Island.