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Lausanne is set to unveil a new Makerspace environment, which was introduced during the 2016 school year.

Lausanne empowers our students to be creators. The new Makerspace is the latest learning environment Lausanne has implemented to provide a place for our students can experiment, play, fail and discover.

Teachers have access to the Makerspace to help their students expand upon what they are learning in the classroom. It’s a place for our students to imagine, design and create physical and digital examples of their knowledge. This creative process combines classroom knowledge, real world experience and the power of imagination to continue making our students better tomorrow than they are today.

Our sixth grade and eighth grade students will show off our new space by competing with their new Makerspace creations. Our eighth grade class built earthquake tables and our sixth graders built houses. At the ribbon cutting, they will put their products to the test to see if the houses can sustain the earthquake created by the tables.