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Meet The Ambassadors


Graduation Year 

Memphis, TN

Why Are You Glad You Chose Lausanne?
I am glad I chose Lausanne because of the wonderful experiences I have had and the people I have met. When I came to Lausanne, I was extremely shy. Thanks to Lausanne, I have joined activities that I never thought I would join. Also, I have gotten out of my comfort zone. Lausanne had given me so many opportunities that I am thankful for. I would not be who I am without Lausanne.

What Is Your Favorite Lausanne Memory?
My favorite Lausanne memory is my first day of school. Even though I was in second grade, everyone was so nice. Kids showed me around, and the teachers were so helpful, especially since I came in the middle of the year.

What Campus Activities Are You Involved In? 
I play volleyball, participate on the play crew. I hope to join more activities throughout the year.

What Hidden Talents Do You Have?
I do not think I have any hidden talents. However, I am good at organization.

If You Could Only Use One Social Media Platform, Which One Would It Be? Why?
I would choose Instagram as the social media platforms. You can post pictures, videos, and even use the Instagram story. It has many aspects to it.