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Meet The Ambassadors


Graduation Year

Cincinnati, Ohio

Why Are You Glad You Chose Lausanne?
I am so glad I chose Lausanne because it has given me so many opportunities that I simply would not be able to have in other schools. Lausanne has helped me find my passion and work towards what I want in the future. I feel like with all the courses Lausanne has to offer, you can really personalize your schedule to your liking which has made school fun and something I look forward to every day.

What Is Your Favorite Lausanne Memory?
My favorite Lausanne memory would have to be my Freshman year when I transformed from a very lazy student to an efficient and hardworking one. 9th grade hit me hard and the support and help I got from my teachers was unreal. I feel like you would not be able to get the same amount of attention you receive at Lausanne than from any other school.

What Campus Activities Are You Involved In? 
Currently, I play tennis and hope to get more involved with more activities after school.

What Hidden Talents Do You Have?  
I have a passion for playing piano and photography.

If You Could Only Use One Social Media Platform, Which One Would It Be? Why?
I would have to choose Instagram because it gives me inspiration whenever I feel uninspired, it can make me laugh when I feel down and it's a fun way to keep in contact with my friends back home!