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Meet The Ambassadors


Graduation Year 


Why Are You Glad You Chose Lausanne?
I am glad I chose Lausanne because I have made many new bonds/connections that I know will last for a very long time and will help me succeed in wherever my career path takes me.

What Is Your Favorite Lausanne Memory?
My favorite Lausanne memories are going to sporting events and cheering on my school that I am proud to represent. It's an amazing feeling to be able to cheer on your team as a community with the people you grow close with through the year.

What Campus Activities Are You Involved In? 
On campus, I am involved in Lynx Live and the Ambassador Program.

What Hidden Talents Do You Have?
Even though I don't do any sports on campus, I still take part in a very rigorous sport. I am on a competitive dance team where we travel the region, and nation to compete against other dance teams.

If You Could Only Use One Social Media Platform, Which One Would It Be? Why?
If I could only use one social media platform, I would use Snapchat because I can still easily make direct contact with all of my friends as well as share with the rest of the world.