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Meet The Ambassadors


Graduation Year

Memphis, TN

Why Are You Glad You Chose Lausanne?
I am so happy that I chose Lausanne because my global perspective has expanded immensely since arriving here. The diversity among students makes for a refreshing learning environment, and the teachers are some of the nicest, most caring people I have ever met. I feel like I am constantly being encouraged to succeed here, and I''ve also found friends for life.

What Is Your Favorite Lausanne Memory?
My favorite Lausanne memory would probably be the very first field trip we took freshman year. I remember being so nervous about the transition from middle school, but the trip calmed all my nerves! While having a blast, I got to spend time growing closer to both old and new friends at the YMCA camp in Missouri.

What Campus Activities Are You Involved In? 
I'm heavily involved in the school''s theater program, and I also enjoy participating in student government.

What Hidden Talents Do You Have? 
I can play the ukulele!

If You Could Only Use One Social Media Platform, Which One Would It Be? Why?
I would probably choose Instagram, because I enjoy viewing people's pictures and posting my own. A close second would be Snapchat, but keeping up with people on there sometimes feels like a chore.