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Meet The Ambassadors


Graduation Year 

Memphis, TN

Why Are You Glad You Chose Lausanne?
I came to Lausanne when I was three years old, so I really have my parents to thank for choosing Lausanne!! I am so glad that they picked this school for me because it constantly challenges me to work hard and to think outside the box! I also love Lausanne for its people!! Everyone at Lausanne is so nice and welcoming so its super easy to make friends and get involved!

​​​​​​What Is Your Favorite Memory At Lausanne?
My favorite memory at Lausanne is going on the NASA trip with my 9th-grade biology class. I loved it because I am very interested in science but also because it was a really good opportunity to bond with everyone in the class and I think everyone that went on the NASA trip grew closer.

What Campus Activities Are You Involved In?
I am involved in the make a wish club and am going to start a conspiracy theory club. I am also involved in volleyball and lacrosse.

What Hidden Talents Do You Have?
If I have any hidden talents, and I hope I do, I have not discovered them yet.

If You Could Only Use One Social Media Platform, Which One Would It Be? Why?
I would choose Instagram because you can easily keep in touch with people that have moved schools and you can also keep people up to date on with life by posting pictures!