Middle Years Programme Curriculum
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Middle Years Programme Curriculum

Lausanne offers the Middle Years Programme (MYP) of the International Baccalaureate for students in grades 5–10.

The Middle Years Programme at Lausanne prepares students for success in school and to become lifelong learners. It provides a learning structure that emphasizes the development of a challenging intellect that encourages students to make connections between their traditional studies and the real world. Middle Years Programme learners are motivated to be creative, critical and reflective thinkers.

Lausanne's Middle Years Programme (MYP) curriculum begins in fifth grade and continues through the tenth grade. This continuity of academic approach helps ensure students have an easier transition from Middle to Upper School academically. With each year vertically-aligned, Lausanne students build the skills to tackle the more rigorous subject matter. Students are prepared and empowered to face the challenge of the Diploma Programme in eleventh and twelfth grade.



Fifth Grade Overview

Fifth grade is a transition year for Lausanne students. Students move beyond a single classroom setting into different learning spaces like science labs. As they enter this phase, they also take on a larger course load, become more independent, and explore their passions and interests with greater focus.

Lausanne's International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme prepares students for academic excellence while meeting their individual needs and nurturing their curiosity and sense of wonder. Students in fifth grade are encouraged to think creatively while also challenging themselves and their peers to reach new heights.

Fifth-grade students are encouraged to become active members of the Lausanne family as well as active participants in their own learning.

Sixth Grade Overview

No longer new to Middle School, sixth-graders navigate the Lausanne campus with more confidence and have new opportunities to learn beyond the classroom. They also explore their interests with a greater focus. The foundation they build paves the way for continued success as they continue their Middle School journey.

Academic challenges increase for our Lausanne sixth-grade students as they progress through the Middle Years Programme and prepare for the transition into Upper School. Students make connections beyond traditional curricular boundaries and draw on the skills of our faculty as they traverse projects, guest speakers and cultural outings. 

Seventh Grade Overview

Lausanne seventh-grade students develop habits of learning that continue to define them in years to come while also helping them discover their passions. 

Students experience the fine arts as well as athletics with the numerous opportunities presented across campus. 

The Middle Years Programme causes seventh-grade students to also push themselves intellectually with challenging courses that prepare the Lynx for Upper School and beyond.

Eighth Grade Overview

As the leaders of the Middle School, Lausanne eighth-grade students draw on the skills they have learned to take greater intellectual risks while also exploring their passions and interests with more focus.

Lausanne eighth-grade students have their academic, social, emotional and physical growth developed and are guided as they refine their passions and identify things that apply to the world beyond the classroom.

Our Lynx are encouraged to be independent learners and continue to develop a range of critical thinking skills as our Middle Years Programme provides each student with a comprehensive foundation and a sense of how to best advocate for themself as a learner.

Ninth Grade Overview

Ninth grade is an exciting time in the life of a Lausanne student. With the start of Upper School comes increased freedom. Students have more classes available to them and more options for extracurricular clubs, programs, and sports.

Ninth grade is also a time when new high school friendships are formed. This helps Lynx enjoy an even broader social dynamic with their peers.

Beginning in ninth grade, a college advisor meets with each family to discuss their student’s aspirational college goals. After reviewing the results from PSAT testing, the advisor helps interpret current admission trends for the family to set attainable goals and develop a plan for success. Students receive guidance on what courses, internships and extracurricular activities will help them move forward through their academic journey.

Yearly traditions like Freshmen/Senior Appreciation Week offer students fun as students acclimate to Upper School life. 

Tenth Grade Overview

As tenth-grade students finish the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme, students refine their approaches to learning skills, equipping them with the self-awareness and knowledge to take on more challenging work in the eleventh and twelfth grades.

One of the defining achievements for a tenth grader is completing the Personal Project, a project in which students define, research, and present a topic of their choosing.

In tenth grade, students and parents meet with their college advisor to assess academic progress and address any early intervention concerns. They review the results from the student’s latest PSAT testing and, together, build a personalized preparation and testing schedule for the student’s eleventh-grade year. Tenth-grade students also begin to create their college resumes, conduct mock college interviews with advisors and start to meet with college admissions representatives on campus at Lausanne.


The Middle Years Programme offers eight subject groups that focus on Sciences, Mathematics, Language and Literature, Language Acquisition, Arts, Physical and Health Education, and Design.

The Middle Years Programme approaches learning holistically by addressing students' intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. The Programme focuses on the traits of the Learner Profile and the skills developed through the Approaches to Learning prepare students to become problem solvers and active participants within the community.

Students who complete the Middle Years Programme are more prepared for their academic requirements and the next step in their education.