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Varsity Soccer Starts Season With A Victory

Lausanne's varsity girls soccer team kicked off their season at home last night with a 9-0 win against NorthPoint. The team's first game was canceled due to the pandemic and last night faced some uncertainty because of the weather, but despite the challenges, they stayed positive and kept pushing themselves during practices, which led up to their victory.   "We've been training since June without the certainty of ever actually getting to play a... Read More
at Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Meet Lausanne student Tre Jones '22

For as long as Lausanne student Tre Jones '22 can remember, dancing has always been one of his favorite ways to express himself creatively.  "Even when I was little, whenever a song would come on, it was like the beat and lyrics told me the moves and how to do them," the IB Diploma candidate shared. "Although I probably had two left feet back then, it still made my mom happy, so I just kept dancing and improved over time." Since then, Tre's audien... Read More
Posted by Shayne Dotson at Tuesday, September 1, 2020